Tein gets into a fight with a girl because of Tantan | MMK (With Eng Subs)

Tein gets into a fight with a girl because of Tantan | MMK (With Eng Subs)

Thanks again, Tin.
By the way, we’re planning
to go out-of-town.
Hi, Tan!
Join us!
Hey, I said join us.
I want to but
I’ll ask Mama first.
I promise.
Alright, take care!
Bye, Tin!
I’m almost done paying you.
I’ll just renew by the end
of the month, okay?
Thank you. Take care!
Tantan! Hey!
Why aren’t you replying
to my messages?
You didn’t even message me
during your trip.
We agreed to update
each other
the whole day, didn’t we?
But you promised me
you’d join us.
My mom didn’t allow me,
Are you saying
I should disobey her?
I’m sorry.
I didn’t know I’d get drunk.
Why did you do it?
You see…
Joyce and the others
pushed me…
Joyce? Does she know
you have a girlfriend?
Yeah, I told her.
What did she say?
Why don’t you answer?
Are you hiding something
from me?!
She suddenly kissed me.
You’re stupid!
Tin, I’m sorry.
I’ll never forgive you!
Tin, wait!
Tin, just talk to her.
Don’t start a fight, okay?
Go, Tin!
Why did you kiss Tantan?
I don’t know what
you’re saying!
Let’s go.
I’m still talking to you!
Sorry, but I don’t talk
to losers.
Me? A loser?
Tin, wait!
– Flirt! You stole my boyfriend!
– Loser!
Tin, aren’t you ashamed?!
You’re so young yet
you’re making a scene
just because of that boy!
I didn’t send you
to a private school
to become a troublemaker!
I shouldn’t have let you be
with Tantan!
If you’re going to be like this,
then it’s better for you
to end things with him.
I told you, you shouldn’t take
these things seriously!
If it’s not a serious thing,But, Ma…
then why does it hurt
so bad?
Why is it so painful?
Listen to Mama.
Dear, you’re hurting because
you think too much about it.
You and Tantan are still young
so you should focus
on your priorities first.
Like your studies,
your dreams,
and your goals in life.
I’ll take this for now
so you won’t think of him
too much.
The pain will soon
go away, dear.
You’re still young, Tin.
There’s still a lot of things
in store for you.
Do you understand me, Tin?
Hush now.

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  1. P*tangina HAHAHAH ganito din ako pero M.U lang pero nag break na kami kase feeling ko hindi sya yung tao’ng right pero ngayon I think mas gusto ko yung M.U ko ngayon haha

  2. Dapat eto yung binibigyan ng teleserye ng abscbn. Sa pag ka alam ko sya din yung bata sa flordeliza. An bilis ng panahon dalaga na sya. At lalong gumaganda.

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