54 thoughts on “Teaching SPECIAL FORCES How To Fight (S.W.A.T)”

  1. Damn this was big! Soo proud of you guys for making Karate out their in the world of military combat. Much respect from a practitioner of Seido Karate. 🙂

  2. If you’re a true Karate Nerd, don’t miss this chance to train with me and Oliver! 👉 https://www.karatebyjesse.com/knx20-karate-nerd-experience-2020/

  3. Special weapons and tactics, basically police with full auto guns used to take armed perps down,, most couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag. Special Forces, small patrols of 4 man teams mostly used for recon and data gathering in hostile environments, also training locals and assassinations. These guys will train with weapons firstly including knives, not encouraged to go hands on due to possibility of injury behind enemy lines.

  4. I love that you escape the traditional hard forms and check new ways of fight movement. This is how progression works and traditional arts like karate need this to stay updated and adapt to the different situations. Something that too many senseis forget.
    Your work and effort for progressive evolution and constant updates will be hugely recognized in the future, I am confident for this. Martial art names are just names. MMA Kung fu whatever. It’s just about fighting with empty hands (or as in this case even without empty hands)

  5. Karate receiving the respect it has earned as a hugely effective way to deal with close quarter combat.
    What an amazing opportunity to demonstrate the various skills that karate brings, its not just punches and kicks like some believe it to be, when in doubt don't call the A-team or swat, call the Enkamp brothers 🎌 Respect !
    Deep bow

  6. Oliver looks like he’s having way too much fun tossing his brother around 😂 really cool opportunity for your two.

  7. Sensei. I guess this is the proudest moment for karate nerd community yet I guess. 😍 I'm so proud to be a part of this channel.

  8. This vid is a great reply to those who think karate is useless. Excellent contribution towards the art sir👍👌🥋😏

  9. Hi Jesse, in a few months I will have my black belt of karate shotokan if everything go well, this weekend supposed I will have a kumite competition but maybe this will be cancel for the coronavirus, is sad but the health is the most important. I love your channel, a cordial “hello" from Spain.
    PS:Sorry for my level of English.

  10. This is a good way, But i think in this Situation is the mentality important. You Need a survival mentality not a Sport mentality, than you become with the same way a different result 🙏

  11. Great advice. Great video.. hopefully Oliver doesn't get in trouble from bellator for wearing a ufc sweatshirt on camera lol. Also loved your China videos since I train in Kung Fu.and a big congratulations to Oliver for his recent win in Ireland.👊

  12. I understand that bulky armor. When I trained in kendo, my form was perfect without the armor. But once i put on my armor, damn everything was messed up, so what i did was train with my armor on.

  13. Wow… great to hear that you were invited to teach military as its normally believed that military people have best training … so are you! The Best! I would really like to see that nasty stuf 🙂

  14. That was a very nice work Sensei ! 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
    I think I should practice grappling in karate
    As you said wrist control is important. I'm a big fan of yours
    Indian military uses karate for close combat situations so I think it's good for them
    Good going Sensei 👏👏👏👍👍👌👌

  15. Dear Jesse you have covered pretty everything in karate… except Oliver's left cauliflower ear and neck exercises

  16. damn this video was good. i slowed it down to learn the sweeps you used in those clips. Definitely need more clinch info. i also like the part about wrist control to enter clinch.

    More plz!

  17. Good video. That's the why the art to defense in SWAT is similar to Hapkido (a Korean martial art), while in occident cops must mix Karate or Muay Thai with Wrestling…

  18. Hey, Jesse, what style of Karate do you teach? My place has a former US Ranger (I think?) teaching Goju Ryu.

  19. Awesome video Jesse and Oliver. It seems the traditional martial arts really allow for extra tools when police officers cant nessacarily afford to just go full on fist fighting a suspect or the public. It seems to me martial arts training can really up an officer/swat members tool box and fast decision making. Your proving what karate really can do. Love your videos.

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