100 thoughts on “Talking Tom Camp – Epic Water Fight (Official Launch Trailer)”

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  2. Primero copian a subuay surf con Tom va por el oro y después hacen está mierda que es copia de Clash of Clans por dios no tienen ideas dejen de copiar la de otros hagan sus propios juegos sus ideas 7,7

  3. Hey🙋 tom im almost level 8 im upgrading the troop shop to unlock my last troop the mecha my defence is getting

  4. Hi, I need a little help with the app. For some reason, the game is not on the App Store anymore, and I haven't updated it in a long time, so every time I go to play it, I get the prompt telling me to update. I can't close out of said prompt, leaving me no choice but to hit the "Update" button to take me to the App Store. So then I go to the App Store, but it tells me that it's not available. Without the game in the App Store to update, with the uncloseable update prompt adding insult to injury, I am at this very moment completely bricked from playing Talking Tom Camp. Can someone tell me how to fix this (of course, I will accept any method as long as it does not involve deleting the app)?

  5. Yani çok güzel video ya tom var ya tom robotu hava gemisi sırt roketi anlayış tutumunu mini anda bırak yenilirlerse hepsini yolluyorlar mihtişim bir fikir

  6. Troop idea:

    Name: Noodle Cannon

    Water resistance: 80

    Damage: 150

    Favorite target: None

    Description: a regular ballooner looking troop with a pool noodle attached to his back that he can blow water out of.

  7. This is an amazing animation! Steeper anime and cartoon would have looked with such graphics. Excellent work, I wish you further development of the project.

  8. 0:25 Just like a healer in clash of Clans. Don't be offended! okay? The same as this game but little different though.

  9. Energy – Elixir
    Coins – Coins
    Purple Diamonds – Green Gems

    Talking Tom Camp – Clash Of Clans

  10. Talking tom and his friends there are fight to each other Bad People and there defeated the bad guy and then is coming his friends named ben and hank and angela and ginger and then splash and smashed Angela anymore and then splashed and smashed him and then they destroyed talking tom friends World camping forever and there grab your water weapons

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