Taichi destroys Okada on night one in Sapporo! (New Beginning)

Taichi destroys Okada on night one in Sapporo! (New Beginning)

Last year Iizuka made his presence felt, here.
He’s possessed by spirit of iizuka.
He went for it, but missed!
And now a dropkick!
He was laid out in the ring just a moment ago!
Incedible stamina.
Here comes Suzuki-gun!
Zack went right for the neck.
More damage to that neck.
He’s also locking Okada’s arms
so that he can’t do anything.
Taichi is back up.
Now Ospreay is here!
They’ll fight for the
British Heavyweight title tomorrow!
Now Ospreay-
Zack Driver!
The 2 CHAOS men…
These 2 from Suzuki-gun
are in complete control!
Now they’re posing.
This match is long over.
Taichi wants to show that he’s the one
who can make it RAIN in Sapporo.
Zack is brutal.
Okada and Taichi will face off
in tomorrow’s main event.
SHO, on commentary, is in shock.
Hokkai Kitayell is playing
Taichi’s music once again.
Even though Taichi’s from Sapporo,
the people here are giving him the cold shoulder.
No applause for him.
What a preview match this was!
Tomorrow, these two-
Hold on. Taichi wants more!
You’ve gotta be kidding.
Now… What’s he doing on the ramp?
Black Mephisto!
Okada fell on his neck. He can’t breath.
Another attack from Taichi, Seitei Jyujiro.
Too far.
The Young Lions, Tsuji and Uemura,
are here to hopefully save Okada.
That much damage to your neck
makes breathing nearly impossible.
I think that’s what Okada is
experiencing right now.
Taichi didn’t skip a beat,
with this heinous attack.
Now he’s choking out Okada.
After this, can Okada fight tomorrow?
Even though Okada’s got great stamina,
It’s unsure if he can come back from this.
Taichi’s going right after Okada’s throat,
Now Taichi wants to say something.
Hey, Okada, you’re really worn-out, aren’t you?
Can you defeat me like that?
Aren’t you afraid of getting beaten up by me,
like in the old days.
Hey, I don’t think you can take this.
If you ask, maybe we can postpone our
main event singles match tomorrow.
Why don’t you come fight me when you’re fully recovered?
Okay, Okada?
Okay with you country bumpkins?
You’re from Hokkaido, too.
I don’t fight for cheap,
not for you country trash.
These idiots probably don’t even understand.
Tomorrow’s match is postponed.
Don’t even come.
You idiots. Why don’t you go home already
and get to peanut tossing?
He seems to know these people very well.
Abe Miho, who is also from Hokkaido,
was apologizing to fans.
He mocked the crowd of Hokkaido, although he’s
going to be in main event in his hometown.
But that’s because he’s a bastard.
Okada has to win, by all costs, tomorrow.
This preview match went terribly!
ザック 明日お前から
ビリーボーイ あいつは
だが いつまで経っても
Hey, Moxley…
Jon Moxley!
Hey, is that all you’ve got?
Is that the what I’ve been waiting for?
You’ve got to make it hurt more than that.
After all, I’ve been waiting so long for you.
Is that really it?
You came all the way from America for that?
Is it because you just got here?
Hey, you better get revved up.
Tomorrow. TOMORROW! Tomorrow…
How about we keep fighting?
What do you want to do with me?
I want to have a fight with you.
Why the hell are you kissing up
to those stupid fans?
Hey, where the hell are you looking at.
It’s me, Minoru Suzuki, you should be looking at.
If you’ve got time to kiss up to those fans,
why don’t you hit me even just a little more?
You know I’ve been waiting for you.
Jon. JON! Jon Moxley…
Tomorrow, I hope that you show up ready.
Don’t tell me that you’re done, alright?
Just what I said.
That mic was hard to speak into.
Did you get it?
Maybe it was hard to understand my point.
Maybe the audio in this dump isn’t good.
As I said, our match is postponed, for the first
time in the history. He’s not ready for it, right?
Now he’s got an excuse. I know that he’s worn-out
from the Dome. So I’m showing sympathy to him.
Why don’t you rest up a bit more? Taichi-senpai is
so kind, right? Actually, I’m Ishikari-senpai to you.
Just like the old times, when I really
messed with you. How nice of me.
Tomorrow, let’s postpone it. You don’t have to show up.
I wonder he if can get home. Sorry, I went too far.
Our match will be postponed for the first time in
history. Actually, I’d rather it be canceled.
But I’ve got reasons to beat him up,
so let’s just postpone it for now.
We don’t have a match to show the people in
Hokkaido. You guys don’t deserve it.
Instead I’ll just be hanging out
in Susukino all day tomorrow.
Tomorrow’s main event should be Zack vs Ospreay.
So, don’t worry about it.
Bye Okada. I’ll fight you another time.
How about February 4th, in Korakuen?

62 thoughts on “Taichi destroys Okada on night one in Sapporo! (New Beginning)”

  1. Taichi acts with honor and self defense. Okada used an illegal closed fist during the Rainmaker. Officials in NJPW should fine and suspend Okanda and award Taichi the win + the world heavyweight title since he is undefeated. Don't believe the doctored footage. I have the raw feed where he wins every match. I reject you reality and replace it with my truth.

  2. I've only seen Taichi twice. Both of which were when he attacks people. My first time, it was Naito. This time, Okada. Who the FUCK is this guy? I like him!

  3. 君は、ボロボロのオカダカズチカに負けたんだよな!

  4. ザックとタイチはめっちゃ仲が良すぎる!!!いつか二人でRPWタッグを狙うことを期待してる!

  5. タイチ好き放題やるのはいいけど客が引いてお前について行ってないぞ

  6. タイチが毎度噛ませ犬で終わるのほんとに嫌だなあ。たまにはバチーンと勝ってほしいなあ

  7. I see, newer folks would think that this match is a Taichi revelation, but Taichi has been consistently good for years. It's expected when you're a disciple of the great Toshiaki Kawada.

  8. taichi gets over with the sapporo crowd even though he make fun of them by calling them country bumpkins (he is a country bumpkin too as he is from Hokkaido)

  9. お前もクソ田舎民じゃねぇか。

  10. SHO is the worst for not assisting Okada and Ospreay when they were outnumbered 3 on 2. Okada should've never let them join CHAOS since late 2017.

  11. どっちかって言うとザックが乱入して、客がドン引きしちゃったからタイチが客にキレた感じかな。

  12. 聖帝?ハァ〜!引くよ媚びる退ける奴に使って欲しくない聖帝名乗るなら鈴木の首取ってから言えよ!

  13. Taichi is such a proud and honourable warrior.Requesting Njpw for postponing the match so that his opponents can heal.If okada was in his shoes i bet he would have not done the same.Our holy emperor has a big heart

  14. それが1日たってメインイベントで全員がタイチコールが起きるという地元力(ついついタイチコールしちゃった)

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