Tagging Over Murals: *67’s Fight to Keep Graffiti Alive

Tagging Over Murals: *67’s Fight to Keep Graffiti Alive

-We definitely always listen to jazz when we write graffiti.
New York jazz, fast jazz.
*67 tradition. -Yeah.
-I want everything to go smooth.
I want me and everyone else to be able to, like,
do our graffiti and go home and sleep in our beds
and be able to wake up in the morning and be,
like, “Yeah, like, I went in last night.”
-When you’re out there, like, shit is graceful.
But a lot of shit comes with writing graffiti.
There’s a lot shit that people don’t realize.
Like, all the shit we — we use, we either have to buy or —
or fucking steal that shit, you know?
Not to mention we go through thousands of cans a year.
-It’s 5:25 in the morning.
We — We started at, what, 1:00, and hit mad spots,
everywhere we went, actually. -Yeah.
-It’s perfect. I’m really happy with it.
-This is nothing but tags and outlines
for people I don’t know,
and this is a wall that gets buffed a lot.
A quick fill-in to show that I’m active and I’m out here,
which a lot of people are not.
We just hit the first spot,
which we weren’t even meant to hit.
We just rolled by, and it was seeming like
it needed some fill-ins, so we rocked it.
-My name is Reazy. -My name is Nahyo.
-My name is Lance. -Young Bashington, Bash.
-*67 started about a year ago.
We were in New Orleans.
We all decided to go as a group together.
And on the flight, I was talking to Bash about and Lance about,
“Hey, like, we should make this crew.
We’ve been painting together long enough.
Like, it’s gonna be a crew where none of are pres,
but we all have, like, shares in it.”
And he comes up to me like, “Yo, man.
I think *69 would be a cool one.”
And I was like, “I think it’s *67, bro.”
And he was like, “Yeah, yeah, that’s it.”
And from there, like, it was just on.
-We are all collectively doing this.
I think that’s one of the best things about us
because there’s not many other crews in New York City
that are doing that.
-Where we’re going now is, like, these spots
that we scoped out the other night
where, like, the Bushwood Collective usually does murals.
-Yeah, I remember, like,
living in this neighborhood like a block down,
and I would see, like, tags and throws on the wall,
and it would get buffed every few months,
but it would still, like,
show me what was happening in the neighborhood.
And then now when, like, murals go over that,
it’s like I lose that forever,
and now they have to look at, like, whatever this one person
who’s not even from New York, like,
wants to do on their block, you know.
And it’s just kind of, like, infringing.
-These used to be, like, highly trafficked walls
that everyone — because of where it is,
and that’s the reason they put it there,
but they’re just stealing the space.
That shit was ours.
That shit was where all the history is.
-I don’t really know what the stuff we’re going over says,
but we didn’t even really look at it
because we could see from the way it was done,
that it wasn’t, like, name-based graffiti.
-Yeah, we do a lot of self-policing.
We all see what’s going on. We’re not blind.
Like, if someone does something stupid,
we’re gonna call him out. -Yeah.
-It’s all one big-ass fucking game.
It’s get your name big and go as hard as you can.
-Tagging the crew and done.
-It’s really hard to have, like,
an original throw too though because…
-It is. -…if your shit is like
all recycled letters, you know,
and there’s not originality to it, it’s fucking —
that shit is boring.
It’s got to be simple with a little bit of flavor, you know?
But mad legible.
-You just have to, like, trudge through all the bullshit
and just, like, keep working at it and working at it
till it’s so redundant you almost hate it.
And then you’re gonna have a breakthrough where you’re like,
“Wow, this is dope. Like, I want to keep rocking this.”
-A lot of people don’t do vertical tags,
that’s why I do them. They’re wasting space.
A lot of people would only try
and fit it, like, a sideways tag there.
You go down, take up the whole thing.
-Anybody can paint really clean,
but you can’t teach style.
That shit doesn’t come out of the can for you.
You have to freak that shit yourself.
-Yo. -Yo.
-Now I can hear you.
-They definitely seen us.
-We’re going past this car, right?
Alright. Let’s wait.
-Is he saying anything, though?
Get in the car. -What do you want to do?
-Go start the car up.
Lance let’s go. -We good. We good. We good. We out. We out. We out.
-4:00 AM, no one else,
just here and our boy and just, like, looking at cars
just trying to see who’s a cop, who’s not.
And it’s really at that point
when you’re freezing your balls off like,
“Yo, what the fuck am I doing here?
I could be home warm in bed, like, asleep.”
-It’s like I be wondering why I’m doing it,
but when I don’t do it, I feel some type of way.
I don’t feel good about myself, so,
like, tomorrow I’m gonna
feel good about myself after this.
-Graffiti is the only art form that is completely pure.
There is nothing in it.
No one, if you talk to anyone not us, not our crew,
anyone who has done graffiti,
they have gotten absolutely nothing from it.
And most of us, like me, don’t know exactly why we’re doing it,
but when we do it, it feels good,
and it just seems like the right thing,
and we’re going to continue to do it
because of that.


100 thoughts on “Tagging Over Murals: *67’s Fight to Keep Graffiti Alive”

  1. Was hoping for young artists making a name for themselves got some trash bombs all vid long where is the creativity these kids lame asf

  2. I see art and freedom of speech. Don’t look at it from the next persons mouth. Many ppl don’t like freely expressing themselves, making this ugly world beautiful with art is an amazing thing!
    I understand thank you vice ❤️🤘

  3. these have to be the most pathetic people i’ve ever seen. they say not many crews are doing it, no shit! it’s a fucking pointless thing to do. so they think ruining property in the city they live in is a great thing? like i said, these are the most pathetic kids i’ve ever seen. i say kids because adults wouldn’t ever act like this

  4. Bunch of fucken drop kicks junkies, ruining good art with shitty tags, nice job vice promoting a bunch of scathy fuck ups

  5. The title should be” douchbags of NYC” if you get caught in my neighborhood there will be no cops coming to save your ass. You’ll be floating with the fishes.

  6. Sad how toy these guys are…get your style up before you grab a can..im all for good graff but tagging up glass? These moist fuckers need handcuffs

  7. Graffiti is not art. It is basic human instinct. You got some soot on your finger? You wipe of somewhere doing a little streak pretending to be Picasso. Look at cave paintings, we found something that could leave a mark and we just put it up how ever we wanted to. Street art is meant to décor a city. Graffiti is meant to get that itch out, and if you dont have that itch, then dont get involved.

  8. As a Mexican-American growing up in Texas, on the south side of town we had murals everywhere. Primarily of community leaders and civil rights activist like MLK and Cesar Chavez. Sure there was gang graffiti and stuff, but the taggers had enough RESPECT for other people's art and history to leave the shit alone. Something these punks are sorely lacking…

  9. Damn they alot of crybaby,global warming, worried about CFCs and litter people in the comments. Graffiti is for the person doin it alone. Yeah there's clout in bein all city,but its about the fuck u factor. Im sure the same people just love the illegal murals videos tho. Or will step over homeless people and piles of shit in the street while they cry about shit that they don't understand.

  10. @2:49 Defacing that beautiful mural almost made me vomit…These people are fuckin scumbags and need their ass thoroughly beat within inches of their life for this shit! We don't need people like you on this earth you fuckin losers

  11. I may be the unpopular one here but I'll be happy to start a new movement I call the #SageGarden Movement. I know im not alone in my oppinion that all this street grsfitti , so called art is actually garbage. Also grafitgi is illegal and most of the building murals are in ghettos, n makes every area look like it's a ghetto. I know the so called artists don't get permission from the community n ask the neighbors to vote on if they'd like an ugly graffiti building on their corner. Time to stop these leftist activists.

  12. Can’t speak for these kids, but as for myself… I can see why they paint over murals, gotta understand that in big Graffiti city’s (LA, NYC, etc) space is hard to find especially prime real estate 👌 so when people pay these “artists” to come in and paint the walls that have been “in use” it’s basically like they’re pinning us against each other… I never paint over or cross out others unless I know who and what they rep but in a world covered with art my art will shine the brightest n I’ll make sure of that

  13. Y’all dumb fucks, these kids didn’t start in 2019 they’ve been writing for many years, just came up with the crew in 2019. They go over murals cause people that do murals goes over them. They don’t write on people’s houses, they write on buildings and store gates and trucks. Most of the shit they write on are owned by the state, or company. These kids paint and have mad friends that are behind them. All you people in the comment section hating is because you don’t understand the New York culture or graffiti culture. And y’all saying they’re toy but none of y’all put in work in the street, just at y’all jobs. Stupid fucking people Lmaoo

  14. Weather or not you agree with them, the truth of it is, is that Graffiti is not what it was, specially with how the culture changed and bunch of rich kids are doing it. Posers. Graffiti is in its own Lane.

  15. oh look a comment section full angry non newyorkers who know absolutley nothing about graff culture and think thier opinion means anything

  16. this is a terrible piece…these dudes are fuckin lames and don't have etiquette figured out. they do NOT represent proper graf. dudes are not real and have way underdeveloped style. dudes like this get corrected when caught in the streets.

  17. Graffiti, unlike street art and murals, has a rich, rich, deep culture, tradition and history since the 1960s in NYC. Bushwick collective/street art is more or less something new that came with the mass influx of out of towners gentrifying brooklyn over the past 14 years. Bushwick used to be a mecca for bombing. Nearly every child growing up in nyc tagged their name up in some way at some point, its so deeply rooted in the culture. People really have some audacity to speak against bombers going over legal murals in a neighborhood that for DECADES was a place harboring some of the worlds illest writers. Its the equivelant to a mom and pop fish fry spot getting driven out of town and all of a sudden the new white kids open up a coffee shop where you can't find a drink for under 3 dollars. Then slowly, the neighborhood changes and no longer caters to the common people, but rather the new kids who are too awkward to mwet their neighbors who lived there for years, and call the cops on the locals for bbq fumes coming thru their windows or kids tagging or people bumping M.O.P too loud. Its downright disrespectful. Bombing belongs because they take the effort to risk their freedom to put up their names. Muralists cant keep up with the sport, the competition, so they deserve to be driven out.

  18. These guys were pretty genuine, people on here hating, pretending to be big time don’t understand the game. Being up in your home town is not the same as getting up in NY. It’s another league.

  19. I love it! Graffiti speaks to my soul, These fine young fellas are doing a service spraying over those unsightly murals and raw bricks 🙂

  20. "to show that i'm active, and out here…" basically this is the equivalent of pissing on a tree to mark your territory. stupid shit.

  21. Reading the comments on this video i find it super intresting how people with absolutly zero knowledge about graffiti and its culture still put it upon themselfs to decide what is Graffiti and what is not based on what they think looks good. Graffiti is a culture with deep history, and is probably the most intresting part of modern art! I encurage everyone reading this to start paying atention to what is being painted on the streets in their area, and im talking about tags and throwups, not stencils of rabits holding sings and murals payed for by corpurations. I think you might find there is more to it then you thought!
    Tags and throws is a great youtube Chanel if you wanna see more GRAFFITI and hear about the thought process of those that write it!

  22. Graffiti isn't a bad thing. Vandalism is though and if these people would just go about spreading their message in a different way than it would make a bigger impact.

  23. Everybody in these comments hating is a cornball and don't know what they talking about. LANCE and REAZY crush and real writers know what's up. You guys are mad that they are going murals that are already dissed and ragged? Gtfoh. Those murals you fucks love are one of the main tools that drive gentrification in the city and bring in all the yuppies that push all the working class people out, not to mention these mural arts programs that help fund these murals are almost always being used as a method to eradicate illegal graffiti. People hate Graffiti at the same time they steal the aesthetic and want to use it in fashion and advertising and whatever else. Real writers don't give a fuck about street artists because street artists haven't had to pay the dues that writers have, but they are culture vultures who will steal aspects of the style or the essence of graffiti to advance their own art career without giving back to the subculture that they took from. Fuck your murals and fuck your corny ass cafe and bagel shops too!

  24. Disrespect! They paint all over peoples work. They paint in other peoples hoods. They have a fn vice segment. faux graf

  25. I do graffiti fuck all y’all shit help with depression and anxiety or anything help me escape we are not bad ppl I met some of the greatest humans painting I’ve met 10 yr old all the way up to 50 yrs old still painting

  26. These 67 people are little brats. Going over murals that people paid for instead of using empty canvases is such a childish and selfish rebellion. Do art on a blank canvas or get a job doing murals

  27. Shits sick. I dont think all murals should get ragged, depending on who painted it or who it was for. But if some outta towner gets paid to come into your neighborhood, your city, and they aint gotta put in any work. They get walls with no risk. Fuck em i say. Graff is about vandalism, thats what it is. Not all of it is burners and crazy ass wilds, its about wrecking shit n havin style. Half of yall aint even out there gettin up at all callin em toys n shit lmao…crazy how people can just say the dumbest most stupid shit ever online and just never face any repercussions, cause im sure yall wouldn't be sayin shit to they're faces

  28. Bro, I don't even get up anymore and was always kinda toy but I got better tags and throws than these fools 😂😂💀💀

  29. I have always enjoyed how Vice gives us a full spectrum of life out there. Like going through with the editorial effort of giving horrible artists like these their 7 minutes of fame.

  30. I respect their commitment, but I am truly unable to appreciate the aesthetic of these tags.

    It doesn't look like at to me. Send more like a dog pissing on walls with graffiti smh

  31. these guys are so fucking useless vice why did you give them a fucking platform this is trash. this "journalist" needs to be fired please lmfao

  32. *trashes murals done by people not even from New York

    *one minute and a half earlier

    “…So yeah when we moved here from New Orleans”

  33. I was wtf when they were painting over murals but then they explained it and I don’t think most people consider that. I like graffiti and murals both but that really opened my eyes.

  34. I'm not sure I can get behind destroying a mural cause you think your unoriginal style is more important, but okay. Don't be bitter just cause you don't get paid off it. I guess nobody ever knocked your fuckin teeth in for bombing over someone else's tag and art. But it'll happen soon enough.

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