SUNSHINE IN THE MUD | Worst Shots Ever

SUNSHINE IN THE MUD | Worst Shots Ever

if I’m listening to my body I’m pretty
sure it’s a two way laxative
everyone has a horror story when it comes to shots that one shot that makes them sick
just thinking about it i’m here to try
every single one of them i’m sean and
I’m going to find the worst shot ever
if you keep the vomit it horizontal it
struggles going vertical
jesus christ
so we are currently at R10 and
this is our bartender rich
and rich is
about to give us a reason to very much
dislike him
what’s up with the shot
it’s sunshine in the mud
I don’t want any part of that
it sounds
like something somebody walking out of
an internment camp would think like once
they were released
sunshine in the mud
this kind of spawned from somebody that
wanted a bloody mary but they’re kind of
being a nice about it
use the real word he’s being a d*ck
basically he was like I want a bloody
mary but not a bloody mary
was he just like a total d*ckhead or what
yeah basically
hungover but taking it out on me which is
the worst person to take it out on
i’m only one that can alleviate your pain
you know
i basically went to the walk in and found every
disgusting thing that I can find
I mean I gotta be honest with you I
think you’re a fantastic person so if i
say anything mean or rude after this
oh it’s too late for that sir
it’s a very like dramatic opening of the
egg too
yeah oh you hear that oh nice little
plop to start your morning
this egg just took a sh*t in my drink
do we get to shoot the yolk at the
egg white in the container
a little bit of lime juice
take like two or three ice cubes
we’re going to use that whip egg
a little fernet branca on top
never fernet
fernet me not
the tequila infused with serranos – little crushed red pepper, horseradish
this is getting hairy real fast
i’m really loving all these
little particles it makes it really
brings it
I hate everything
I think the thing that
scares me the most is that you
remembered how to make this drink so
this guy must have been real bad
you know you get those people that come to
the bar i don’t know what i want make me
whatever you want
so we’re gonna kind of layered on
it’s kind of like some classy sh*t
honestly it’s starting to look a little better
i’m convincing myself that this is like
just melted whipped cream
so you got your mud, your sunshine, your cloud
this looks
like an alcoholic’s piss
like half of his liver is in there
there’s like a sick little fernet band
to the guy that forced him to make this
suck our d*cks
you sir, are a gentleman and an assh*ole
the worst
don’t forget the yolk
why, why is that a thing?
i quit
rich you’re fired
there’s something in
there that’s not agreeing with my taste buds
the devil’s piss
I think it’s all of it
i think someday
I’ll come back here to give that to
somebody that I really hate
that’s still burning that’s just burning my throat now
I’m sweating eggs never make
me sweat
my teeth feel like I’ve thrown up
already I feel like I’ve throw up teeth
that’s what it is it feels like I
threw up but I didn’t throw up
thank you very much r10 for having us
and we need to leave

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