30 thoughts on ““Stone Cold” Steve Austin drives a zamboni to the ring”

  1. I was 5 when I first was this, don't even remember it very well. But it was this the moment I felt in love with wrestling. Still here. Always will be.
    But please Vince, please…use your damn head and change the terrible shows you're putting on.
    (Not NXT, obviously)

  2. Sooo…. RAW is gonna he held at the PC too? I can't imagine a Stone Cold entrance without thousands of fans goin wild.

  3. I don't know why WWE is scared to do bits like this with today's roster. This segment is like 20 years old and it's still one of the best.

  4. This segment is 15 mins long with a 11 min boring promo from vince, but the intensity f4om austin made up for his 3 min only part and turned it into a pure gold. This is how much the title meant, not only to the company, but to the wrestler on screen. Brock doesn't give a daman about that title, goldberg is busy talking about his returns. Now its like, if the ones carrying it don't care about it, why should the fans do??

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