Stephanie McMahon ECW Entrance

Paul Heyman: WOAH Woah woah
(Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” playing)
Heyman: WCW’s Champion, Booker T.
Jim Ross: Arrh pardon me, I’m sorry.
Heyman: I forgive you.
(Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” continues playing)
Heyman: Come on JR!
Heyman: Start dancing to this one!
JR: Here comes the co-owner of “The Alliance”
JR: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
JR: and apparently, she has something to, to say to this..
JR: very capacity crowd and our world wide audience.
Heyman: Get up on the desk and BANG YOUR HEAD JR!
JR: Why would I wanna do that?
Heyman: Cause it’s DROWNING POOL!
Heyman: “SINNER”
Heyman: And sinner, is exactly, what Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley is
Heyman: and she’s damn. proud. of it.
Heyman: What perfect music, for the “Billion Dollar Princess”
JR: Well her, her brother Shane, may need some music and some medical help, as this night progresses cause tonight, Shane McMahon, will meet..
JR: The Rock!
JR: The returning Rock!
JR: In a Street Fight, no disqualifications. There must be a winner, in that match, later here tonight.
Heyman: That’s right Shane McMahon (inaudible) The Rock, (Temporarily inaudible, something about four months and a stretcher)
Heyman: In a WWEF ring, in four, long months imo, The Rock may be in, for a ‘rude’ awakening, at the hands of Shane McMahon, Tonight.
JR: And you may be right.
Heyman: Course I’m right.
Heyman: And thank you for acknowledging that.
Stephanie: (piercing) That’s Right!
Stephanie: (piercing) At “SummerSlam” ..
Stephanie: (piercing) The bodies of the World Wrestling Federation are gonna
Stephanie: (ultra piercing) HIT THE FLOOR!

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