Star Wars The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Scene – Mandalorian Jedi History Breakdown

Star Wars The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Scene – Mandalorian Jedi History Breakdown

Get out of here.
We’ll hold them off.
You’ll have to relocate the clan.
This is the way.
This is they way.
Welcome back, everyone it’s Charlie.
This is the way.
I’ve been getting a lot of request to do a
video for the history of the Mandalorians
and how baby Yoda is now tied up in the future
of the middle range, so we’ll break it down
there’s a whole bunch of Easter eggs they
already explained a lot of what happened to
their culture On the show in the last couple
of episodes.
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Yes, there is baby Yoda merch finally is all
explained that at the end of the video with
the end of the Mandalorian episode 3.
The middle ring and breaks the code of the
bounty hunters Guild to save the kid who everyone
is affectionately calling baby Yoda.
It has been confirmed that this is in fact
a clone of Yoda or a completely new character,
because the entire Internet is just calling
a baby Yoda that’s effectively what his name
is until the show gives him a different name.
The heavy infantry Mandalorian Pax Viszla.
luck played by John Favreau himself leads
the other mandarins in curb, stopping all
the other bounty hunters allowing the Mandalorian and the kid to escape.
As he says, because they did this.
Still have to move their group to another
secret location for their own protection Pax
Viszla. law implies that doesn’t matter because this is their way.
This is the way the biggie straight for the
clone wars series there is the Jon Favreau
did the voice for a character called Pre Viszla.
One of the most politically powerful mandarins during the clone wars era was one of the last
people to wield the dark saber and his ancestor was the one who created the dark saber is
implied that Pax Viszla.
love this new character.
Here is one of his descendents.
The reason why he and the other mandarins put themselves at risk to jetpack in and save
him from the other bounty hunters is because they’re code Mandalorians is higher than any
of the Galactic laws or the codes of any other organizations, like the bounty hunters Guild
figure, then the way you think of Klingons
honor above all else and victory in battle
is a very military warlike culture.
This is all taking place five years after
return of the Jedi in its imply that all Mandalorian’s
are like this ultra tightknit small groups
living in secret scattered all over the outer
rim territories Mandarin culture has been
martial for most of their entire history.
There was a brief period during the clone
wars, when Duchess, the team tried to lead
a more pacifistic government but that was
just a really brief.
In thousands and thousands of years of history of them being very warlike during episode
The Pax Viszla.
the character starts yelling at the Mandalorian when he is getting his new best armor, calling
him a traitor to their society for working
with the Empire so Jon Favreau is also the
person who wrote the episode he’s using his character here that is voicing to get through
a bunch of back story and exposition about
what happened to their people.
After the clone wars and Star Wars rebels
during the rise of the Empire, several characters
on the show including Werner Herzog’s character had mentioned something called the purge impacts
visibly here says that they can only go above ground.
One Mandalorian at a time in order to hide
their numbers.
The last we saw with the Mandalorian people was right before a New Hope at the end of
Star Wars rebels where they had started to
come back together under a new leader called
Boca to increase.
She was given the dark saber and it was implied that the Mandalorian clans would unite again
depleted very optimistically, but then you
hear about this purge.
They’re all living in cells all over the place
was implied that the Emperor did a version
of order 66 on the Mandalorian people.
The only reasons why the Emperor would do something like that is because a united.
Mandalorian society is a huge threat to the
Empire and they have a really bad history
with other outside governments going back
to the time of the Old Republic thousands
of years ago, they would’ve never become the Emperor’s willing puppets.
So that means the Emperor probably felt compelled to get rid of them.
A very small percentage of the Jedi order
survived order 66 there around 200 of them
running around the galaxy hidden about based on what they’re saying on the Mandalorian
I’m assuming a relative similar percentage
of Mandalorians survived the purge see of
anywhere between a couple hundred in a couple thousand Mandalorians all hidden in little
pockets in cells all over the outer rim in
ancient times, thousands of years ago when
they were the height of their power is a culture they live more like conquerors, ruling over
hundreds of systems about a thousand years ago near the fall the Old Republic when the
government had weakened the Mandalorians used it is an opportunity to challenge them for
domination of the entire galaxy.
They face the Jedi for the first time during
that war.
They were no match for their force powers
or their weapons.
Their light sabers.
So as a countermeasure they develop their
special best car armor as you see it today.
The reason why that was important is because best score armor isn’t just resistant to most
blaster fire.
It just really strong armor.
It’s also resistant to light sabers but if
you notice that all Mandalorians have very
different looking types of armor that all
fits within the style that most Mandalorian’s
adhere to.
So just because there’s such a warlike military culture doesn’t mean that their automatons
do not like the clones even within the clones.
They express some level of individuality is
Mandalorian said when the job was try to take
his armor and weapons.
He says weapons or my religion armor is his religion that is not a lie.
In fact, the armor character here is actually
the leader of their little group.
If that wasn’t clear.
She holds the most authority over all them.
That’s why her helmet looks a little bit different than the others.
The actress that plays that character so that we learn more about her back story through
the rest of the episode, but it will completely explain everything about her during season
one they’re currently in the middle of shooting season to right now, but it makes sense that
if armor is there religion weapons or their
religion that the person who makes all those
The armor holds the highest position in their society so the Jedi are directly responsible
for all these cool looking sets of armor that
you see right now.
Mandalorians eventually lost that war retreated back to Mandalorian space in then during the
clone wars era you have the rise of Duchess Satine in the other mandarins trying to become
more pacifistic during the rise of the Empire.
Mandalore became an occupied territory in
then during the course of the original trilogy
you have what they referred to as the purge
the origin of the Mandalorian people begins
with man to lower the first he’s the person
that conquered the planet that they would
then later renamed to
Mandalore in his honor.
He conquered the great Mythosaur that they referred to early on the show.
Your ancestors rode the great Mythosaur.
Mythosaurs were giant winged beast almost the size of small cities like giant crate
dragons they could fly around that were native to the planet Mandalore.
A lot of you have asked about the dark saber what’s going on with it in present day is
still around.
We just don’t know who has it right now.
The dark saber is just a normal lightsaber
created by one of this character Pax Viszla.
Lowe’s ancestors who became the only Mandalorian in known history to be accepted to the Jedi
The only Mandalorian to be force sensitive
just the only one to actually become a Jedi.
He lived and died about a thousand years before the first war with the Jedi once he completed
his Jedi training.
He came back to Mandalore and became one of the most dominant leaders in their history
of thousand years later during the war with
the Jedi Pax Viszla.
Viszla’s family broke into the Jedi Temple
on course on and stole the dark saber back
in even though they themselves were not Jedi or for sensitive his family use the dark saber
as a rallying cry to reunite the warring Mandalorian clans together under a single banner.
It remained that way for hundreds of years
until the events of the clone wars were.
Duchess sateen was trying to replace them
with a more peaceful government Boca to increase
during Star Wars rebels was the last known
person to possess the dark saber so it could
be anywhere in the galaxy right now in present
What is baby Yoda have to do with the future of the Mandalorian people Star Wars stories
in general over the entire sagas like the
Skywalker saga of nine films mostly have optimistic
endings because they’re being so optimistic about the future of baby Yoda.
And he’s literally the face of the future
of the Jedi order.
The show also seems like it’s laying the seeds for Mandalorian restoration plot.
Over the course of however long the series
winds up running however many seasons.
Hopefully it will run for many many seasons.
Think about the symmetry of the Mandalorian’s relationship with the Jedi and their relationship
in present day with baby Yoda protecting the future of the Jedi order as opposed to trying
to destroy the Jedi like their ancestors did.
There also kind of implying the baby Yoda
will indirectly be responsible for helping
to rally and unite the mandarins of the galaxy again that something that’s gonna take a long
time though because remember the new trilogy.
We still haven’t seen any giant groups.
Mandalorians running around in any of the
new films course awakens happens 25 years
after what’s happening on the Mandalorian
series of the Mandalorian is still live in
the present day of the movies.
He’s an older man.
He’s not super old.
But baby Yoda still developmentally would
be a little kid just way more powerful if
he’s this powerful now, so I’m not accepting
any kind of baby Yoda deus ex machina in the
new films or anything like that but hopefully
he’ll somehow be referenced in the background
of the be some Easter eggs for him to let
me know in the comments.
Do you think the Mandalorian’s actions in
baby Yoda will play a role in the reunification
of the Mandalorian people someday for those of you asking where all the baby Yoda merch
they did start rolling it out on a limited
basis, but they don’t have really big toys,
or the traditional type of merchant you probably
They said that will be available till next
year just because they wanted to keep baby
Yoda secret so much they didn’t start any
of the toy licensing or any of that stuff
to keep it out of the press so that’s why
it’s taken so long to actually get some of
that out.
But there is a little bit of official merch
floating around.
My Mandalorian episode 4 video will post tomorrow, so be sure to watch the episode when it’s
released later tonight everyone click here
for my other big baby Yoda video and click
here for my Mandalorian episode 3 video.
Thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome.
I’ll see you guys tonight!

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