Squared Circle Box September 2019 Wrestling Subscription Mystery Box Unboxing Review

it’s time to review the squared circle
box hey you guys me host supersorrell
thank you very much cheering it look
like it’s the squared circle box this is
a wrestling subscription box brought to
you like said by squared circle box you
can check them out on the links here the
lump on social media please do check
them out and bellezza check out our
website they sent me this box free of
charge every month to review so you guys
can check out what it’s like to get this
service to be fair we’ve not had a bad
box yet this has been a very good
subscription service and I really do
recommend them so let’s get ahead and go
ahead and open today’s a video so you
can see still sealed here some just pop
that lid seal that and let you guys peer
inside what’s in the box guys what’s it
in this both sure alright so this is the
cheap cheese I’m just gonna move that to
one side for now
okay so we have there’s a little sticker
we have a little sticker and it’s am a
little bit of the bubbly which is
Jericho’s sort of newest it’s all seen
em diversity that’s Chris Jericho from
WWE you’re going on the list
obviously that’s changes possess change
a little bit since he’s left do it
because obviously could be do own the
rights to the whites you j-style
character I believe but another thing in
this most box we have a DVD DVDs are
always good and this is heir to the
Pro Wrestling Kaos presents Saturdays
say the sink of July have a Hannam
community center and yes this is the
heir to the throne in this there I like
of the fact that style is in Estelle V
infinity wall and on the back its
they’re crazy teacups versus the anti
fun police
wild Barbara’s is Josh Holly maidens of
chaos championship Cameron Street fight
between shacks Danny Luna heir to the
throne ladder match between Karen hua
versus Danny Jones Mike bird Mike head
Marc Haskins and Beno
and then dick Riley versus James drink
that looks pretty cool eh but we’ll give
this a watch I haven’t seen much UK how
much you’re wrestling so I think it’s UK
so I’ll definitely be giving that a
watch guys you can’t be a little DVD
vendor last month before where we
actually got the Becky Lynch DVD that
was brilliant
we’ve got a snapback cap I actually need
a noose in that back cap and this is in
plain black which I love it’s a beach
field original head wear cap and it’s
all eco let’s buy the original snapback
goodness hell not a bad cap on it
I will probably wear though you know and
even if you’re not a wrestling fun
you wouldn’t even know that that
wrestling comes me honestly it should
say in Hawley go but I like I do like
that cap that’s pretty nice so yeah I
will probably wear this ooh
we have a new pin oh it’s the field I’m
really happy about this pin ah let me
Hannah we know every says yeah well
Wow yeah couple they’re kinda the noisy
mags oh yeah one we’ve got a fiend
I can’t wait them to make a fiend action
figure I’m so excited so Bray Wyatt’s
new so I’ve been cutting in Keynesian
I think that’s a word I can speak this
evening I’m so tired ya know I but item
I love the themed Bray Wyatt is one of
my favorite characters hi team when he
was the you know when he first came on
and it was like follow the buzzards and
yet the whole way of omelet almost like
a cult leader I really like that we have
a nice oh it’s been bent a little bit
we have Roxy’s autograph here I’m not
familiar with her but she looks very
pretty very pretty indeed ya know
but a little like saying that a
signature they’re very nice we also have
da and dr. Li in to YX and I get has
been Sun I’ll check out the actual names
guys I’m really sorry I’ll check out all
the shishi in the end oh I love course
we cap a nice t-shirt as well you always
get a t-shirt in the box
and it’s fine my was thinking that says
a little bit of the bubbly which would
mean it’s a white t-shirt we do like a
little bit of fuzzy in this house oh yes
nice nice thighs nice shirt yeah I like
that a little bit of the bubbly I will
be wearing this this is a very nice
share indeed not a bad box this month
guys a nice cap nice sure the field pen
some nice signatures on a DVD a very
good box I think that and so let’s just
go back to the little cheat sheet and
double check everything off so the hung
sign artwork was of atw star Pentagon
Junior how did I miss that
it’s Pentagon Junior I’ve been watching
a ee-aw as well the Pentagon Junior then
of course I’ve got a little bit of
bubbling it’s Chris Jericho’s
catchphrase that keeps on giving and was
that that on the TV
check out this detail and the awesome of
the fiend Bray Wyatt pin yet very good
fit snapback cap from Impact Wrestling
star all he go even Paige I’m Pro
Wrestling in chaos heir to the throne
from July of 2019 and of course unsigned
photo from UK independent wrestler a
little miss Roxy awesome
can we get some merchandise so this is
um this is kind of a supersorrell plea a
supersorrell plea to the people over at
squared circle box who be watching this
video and if you are can we get some
lena austin merchandise she’s an amazing
female wrestler from the UK about the
privilege of seeing our twice in the
live-action and she’s amazing and i
would absolutely love to see some of her
much in one of these boxes a signed
picture or something of Leno’s that
would be awesome
cuz she’s an amazing woman please quite
so go boys give it’s a ladder up the
merchandise guys if you could also let
me know your thoughts on potentially me
reviewing more WWE merchandise on this
channel is that assuming you’d be
interested in some more wrestling figure
content I started looking obviously the
elite figures and I’ve been really
liking them and I’m wondering whether or
not that’s a series of videos that you
guys would be interested to see so if
you could let me know down below either
yea or nay whether you’d like to see
these I know they’re the wrestling
figures content on the channel as well
let us know and I know that’s stepping
on some other youtubers toes from the UK
I know wrestling days and people like
that you know do do them but if you like
seeing my review on them let me know in
the comments I’m always open to new and
exciting awesome ventures so let’s say
that’s what you wanna see less though
and wofully a little bit yeah just let
us know in the comments gaming on twitch
TV forward slash supersorrell link in
the description where I’ll be gaming all
weekend playing Borderlands ee do we
need I’m also going to playing some
games please come along and help us it’s
for a great cause I really look to see
you all there so that’s twitch TV
forward slash supersorrell gaming please
check it out like said all day
Saturday and Sunday
for a whole 24 hours it’s gonna be epic
I hope I can see you guys that right
guys guys of very nice box indeed I’m
very happy with it hope you are too and
I hope you choose to check them out
there is a link in the description that
will take you to the square circle box
website where you can grab your own box
you know what out of the other light
wrestling subscription services I’ve had
in the past I’ve reviewed a lot of them
for free it’s not like I’m saying this
because these guys sent me them for free
I’ve got a lot of them being sent me
free over the years this is actually my
favorite and I really do mean it because
they do have a good balance of stars
that you know we’re introducing you to
some wrestlers from the UK or European
scene or you know the American scene
that you might not be familiar with and
you end up going and checking them out
and really liking them so big fans of
square circle box forget forget is
interested in other wrestlers and other
companies that I may have it aware of
beforehand and yet in cata bud box this
month I’m really happy with it what are
your thoughts let us know in the
comments down below if you enjoyed
today’s video guys please smash the
subscribe button II would really support
really help us out and help us keep
making awesome videos but until next
time guys may the force be with you bye

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