SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES – TOKYO 2020 | Sept 2019 Trailer

SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES – TOKYO 2020 | Sept 2019 Trailer

Spiele das offizielle Videospiel der Olympischen Spiele 2020 in Tokio auf deinem Smartphone! SONIC BEI DEN OLYMPISCHEN SPIELEN: TOKYO 2020 Spielt im Tokio des Jahres 2020! Alle Figuren der Sonic-Serie in Tokio! Erlebe die Sehenswürdigkeiten Tokios, während du in herausfordernden Events antrittst! Kämpfe in allen Veranstaltungen um Gold! Inklusive neuer, olympischer Veranstaltungen in Tokio 2020 und den Olympia-Favoriten! Erstmals mit neuen, gimmick-haltigen EX-Events! Genieße die schnelle und spaßigen Events, die perfekt für Sonic geeignet sind! Online-Wettkämpfe zwischen Ländern und Regionen! Miss dich mit Spielern auf der ganzen Welt! Nimm Tokio 2020 selbst in die Hand! SONIC BEI DEN OLYMPISCHEN SPIELEN: TOKYO 2020 Herbst 2020 / Erscheint weltweit Erhältlich für Android & iOS

100 thoughts on “SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES – TOKYO 2020 | Sept 2019 Trailer”

  1. This has happened before where the sonic and Mario Olympic Games went On mobile and it was only just sonic that appear it happened when the first Olympic Games came out for Mario and sonic and again it was only sonic

  2. Mano passa o Super Mario aqui em jogo mano mano vai lançar em 2020 vai ser de Android ou iOS mano eu prefiro de Android mano caramba Sega Obrigado mano postar esse vídeo mano vou baixar esse muito jogo para jogar suas personagens mano ou tipo Sonic Deus Doutor Eggman tipo também mano Sega obrigado

  3. Mario gets mario kart tour an all mario game sonic gets this which originates from a game with both like why couldn’t we get like team sonic racing mobile in stead and there is probably going to be a guest appearance for mario in this game to huh Nintendo really let them do this Wow how could they even in just confused just don’t let this game release I love sonic and all but this game is going to be shit just develop more work into something important like a main series sonic game or the actual Olympic Games instead I hope you read this sega and other sonic fans and you’re fans like me think this game is going to be shit end of

  4. Sonic Olympics: we about to go mobile.

    Me: ah okay.

    Sonic Olympics: and we got online play as well as every character to play as.

    Me: already deleted half of my apps to make space you had me at online.

  5. My main hope is that they don't do that stupid, guest character thing from Rio 2016. Also yes, Espio.

  6. Take us anywhere with the Switch Mario: Ya-hooooo!
    Take ME anywhere one your phone!
    Sonic: How’s that baldy McNose hair?
    Eggman: “stop calling me that!”
    Sonic: “I wasn’t, Egghead”
    Mario: “Oh no… Mamma mia…”

  7. Just hear me out. What if you have an opening ceremony where Knuckles bring a Master Emerald Torch to a replica of Angel Island?

  8. Why would Nintendo banned Mario from this mobile port?
    They already have some good Mario mobile games.And they made Mario run much more fun with remix 10.

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