SmackDown Türkçe Çeviri | KRAL Corbin Taç Giyme Töreninde Basıldı!!! ORTALIK KARIŞTI!

ladies and gentlemen your 2019 king of the ring I know we’re all very excited in what we have to admit Baron Corbin as King of the Ring well that is just a breath of fresh air now I know I know most of you wanted anybody but me is your king but now you’re starting to realize I’m not only the King you wanted but the King you needed I’m somebody you can believe in and I’m a ruler that exemplifies everything it takes to be king I am dominant I am strong but I am also generous and fair I won that King of the Ring tournament with honor and for that I should be shown the respect in adoration that I deserve and if I’m not you will see very quickly that I can rule with an iron fist so for my first act as your king I want to recognize someone and that someone is my opponent from last night Chad Gable what a pan Evelyn king very Corbin won the tournament with honor and the honor continues I admit I’m kind of surprised that perhaps Corbin is showing some kind of respect to Jack gable he should Chad gave will put Florida a remarkable effort last night applause he did throughout the entirety of the tournament he’s counted out from the very beginning thought it always waited for the fine King Corbin recognizes a fine gladiator when he competes against one they even in defeat Chad table chair Jim it’s uh it’s mighty big of you to come out here I mean I’m sure you’re a little upset about last night but I think you should it’s difficult it is is try to hold your head up high and I mean it it’s really sad to say I mean I understand that you’ve been overlooked most of your career but the real reason the real reason I wanted to bring you out here is because you’re a perfect example to all these people you’re just like every single one of them you show them that no matter how big you dream and how hard you work well in the end you just come up short [Laughter] [Applause] passport Salaamu roosters can open a salute when she learns in the a medieval magician columns are banal my maybe Liam Dillon etheric Milgram very administer may not mind I regret turkey Instagram Twitter Facebook contacted eversince easier lash

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