SHO? Henare? Ishii? Shingo Takagi will take on anyone, anywhere! (New Beginning)

SHO? Henare? Ishii? Shingo Takagi will take on anyone, anywhere! (New Beginning)

決着を付けようぜ ヒロム
1 vs 1で闘おう
Try as you might, you’re not taking
these NEVER 6 Man titles from us.
I have no problem taking you
back down to hell.
Remember that.
I succeeded in getting my revenge.
No, that wasn’t enough, Robbie.
Let’s have a singles match. That’s what you
want, right? You want Mr. Belt, don’t you?
Then, join the siege against Hiromu.
Everybody, come at me for this title.
But you’ll all have to wait until
after I defeat Lee.
The Junior division is about to
get very interesting.
It felt great to walk in there with these
two titles. My hard work has paid off.
By the way, why is Ishii so riled up?
He’s fired up, as usual, isn’t he?
And I’m sure Goto has already forgotten
everything that happened between us already.
He didn’t react at all when I
flaunted this NEVER title.
Anyway, I’m not on the card in Osaka,
What I said in Sapporo, about making
this title the only one that matters,
We don’t have to wait for big locations
to have NEVER title defenses.
I’m telling you this,
because I hold the title.
Currently, SHO and Henare have
shown interest in this title.
It doesn’t have to be a big show.
It could be at Korakuen Hall, a small town,
or in my hometown of Yamanashi.
When the time is right, I look forward to the chance.
If you don’t like it, then you better come at me.

17 thoughts on “SHO? Henare? Ishii? Shingo Takagi will take on anyone, anywhere! (New Beginning)”

  1. I always taught that the never open weight and never 6 man title looks similar. But now I just realised they have different color on the plate

  2. I want to see the NEVER belt disputed between Lt HWs and HWs, like it looked to be headed over a year ago with Ibushi and Ospreay holding it. I’d love to see Ishii and Goto competing for the IC belt at least. Shingo is a great champ to make this happen with.

  3. NEVERのベルトが輝き始めてるよ鷹木👍 ダイヤモンド💎?いやプラチナ・ダイヤモンドの輝きだ!IWGPヘビー・インターコンチ・US・違うね!これからは鷹木が巻いてるNEVERだわ!

  4. Finally, another Junior stepping up. SHO should challenge. After all, he's had a mini rivalry with Shingo while Shingo was still a junior.

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