Shayna Baszler vs. Candice LeRae – NXT Women’s Championship Match: WWE NXT, Oct. 2, 2019

The champion, Shayna Baszler. The challenger, Candice LeRae,
just planted the queen of spades!>>And just like that,
the tide has turned. And Candice LeRae, can she capitalize?>>LeRae doing exactly that, but
she has to get the champion in the ring. [CROSSTALK] She could only
lose the title in the ring.>>And Candice LeRae throwing
caution to the wind again. She wiped out Baszler but she could
have further injured that left arm and that’s what is at stake,
screw the injury, screw the pain. This is about becoming champion.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The trifecta, she has to bring
the champion into the ring.>>But the damage done but this might
be a little bit more difficult but->>Triple.>>LaRae’s ability to absorb
punishment is completely inhuman.>>And now, whoa, what a kick. What a counter by Shayna Baszler and LeRae’s attempted a high risk high reward
move has now put her in a precarious spot.>>Baszler one of the most, if not
the most dominant NXT Women’s Champion.>>Wow.>>Slip off the near rope-
>>My, talk about-
>>Landing awkwardly on her lower back.>>Opportunity here for LeRae. That was fortuitous, Beth.>>LeRae trying to shake off
the damage done earlier. Baszler perhaps more comfortable on
the mat than up on the top rope.>>New champ!>>Old champ!
>>New champ!>>Old champ!>>New champ!>>Old champ!>>Shayna two time has Candice LeRae.>>A strong divide here at NXT fan base.>>And Baszler playing
the drums on the back of LeRae.>>New champ, old champion.>>Look at LeRae!>>Is LeRae trying to get to her feet?>>She’s in this!>>Dogged determination from Candice.>>My goodness, that is tenacity
at its best but not enough. LeRae fighting!>>Desperate! Now imagine, if you were Candice LeRae
seeing that bottom rope.>>She tapped.>>It’s over! Shayna Baszler retains
the NXT Women’s title again!>>Here is your winner by submission, and still the NXT Women’s Champion,
Shayna Baszler! [MUSIC]

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