Shadow Ranger’s First Morph and Fight | Power Rangers S.P.D. | Battle for the Grid

Krybots, attack!
Thank you Kat.
SPD emergency.
(dramatic music)
Shadow Ranger
You have take what is
dearest to me Benang,
but that has only made me stronger.
I am Shadow Ranger
Shadow Saber
With this, the truest sword in the galaxy,
I will right all wrongs.
(dramatic Asian music)
(fighting grunts and yells)
(swords clanging together)
Is this all you’ve got Benang?
Alright, who wants to be next?
(fighting grunts and yells)
(swords clanging)
Looks like it’s just you and me (laughs)
(fighting grunts and yells)
You have lost this battle Benang.
It’s not over yet.
Take a look at that truck.
(cries in pain)
Get him Doggie
(fighting grunts)
Go on Doggie.
You can beat him.
(fighting grunts)
(up-tempo music)
An old wound commander?
A new battlefield but the same
losing battle Doggie Cruger.
(fighting yells and grunts)
You would think that the leader of SPD
would do better than this.
(yells in pain)
(fighting yells and grunts)
You have destroyed my planet of Sirius.
You have defeated my comrades.
(fighting grunts)
You have taken my wife, Isinia.
(Benang yells)
But now your day of reckoning has come.
Who’s that?
Look his sword!
It’s Cruger!
Go D.C.!
It’s judgment time.
General Benang, you care
charged with the obstruction
of justice and you will be judged.
This can’t be happening.
You are charged with the
destruction of five planets
and for atrocities throughout the galaxy.
You are charged with the
disappearance of Isinia Cruger,
my wife!
There is so much you do
not know, Doggie Cruger.
Perhaps, but I do know
where you are going.
Shadow Saber!
(fighting grunts)
(fighting grunts)
(Benang cries in pain)

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