Seth Rollins Removed From Twitter After BACKSTAGE FIGHT With Sasha Banks GOES TOO FAR | WWE

whats up guys, welcome back to Wrestling world!
Today we’ll be going over Another backstage
feud seems to be just starting up between
two wwe superstars
By now superstars having a heated exchange
on twitter has become a usual reoccurring
thing, but we don’t see that many male wrestlers
going at it with the wwe women
But that’s what the case is in this situation
Seth Rollins sent out a tweet hyping up the
raw season premiere and his title match against
Rey mysterio with this tweet
That’s when Sasha Banks copy and pasted
Seth’s tweet word for word and used it to
describe her singles match with Alexa Bliss
So that was a direct mockery of Seth Rollins
and even a subtle hit at Alexa Bliss as well
Saying that she’s gonna empty the tank for
“one of the greatest ever” in Alexa Bliss,
and everyone knows how Sasha really feels
about Alexa Bliss both on and off screen so
that was said with a lot of sarcasm
Seth Rollins didn’t take too kindly to the
mockery of his tweet and responded back with
a tweet that said this:
“This is a match I’ve been looking forward
to as much as every other match you’ve ever
had…aka, not at all.
Luckily for me, you’ll underdeliver like you
always do and continue to wonder why you’re
not in more main events.”
So quite the low blow there by Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins would quickly end up deleting
that tweet but like everyone should know by
now, once you put something up, it’s going
to be online forever
Charlotte flair jumped in responded with the
popular spongebob meme of “imma head out”
And Sasha responded with a gif of Seth Rollins
crying at ringside next to his ex girlfriend
What makes Sasha’s gif of Seth Rollins crying
so much more impactful is the fact that the
gif of him crying at ringside came from nxt
takeover Brooklyn, after Sasha Banks vs Bayley
stole the show
That match was so amazing that it even brought
Seth Rollins to tears
Now flash forward a few years and he claims
that Sasha always under delivers in her matches?
That’s what Sasha was trying to get at here
with that gif alone
Backlash at Seth Rollins was insane, fans
were going after him so much that Seth temporarily
fully deactivated his twitter profile page
So even though this situation was technically
started by Sasha Banks, the overall feeling
is that Seth Rollins stepped over the line
by basically saying that all of Sasha’s
matches are failures and that’s why she’s
never in the main event
Sasha did keep her cool and didn’t respond
back with anything else besides that gif
But like we said before, that gif has a lot
of hidden meanings behind it so Sasha did
get the last laugh here
What are your thoughts on this situation?
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