Seitai | La séance de Katsugen Undo #6

Seitai | La séance de Katsugen Undo #6

It’s so simple. We always want to add things because
when it’s too simple we have the feeling that it doesn’t work.
It’s true, there is no business to do with it.
No way to make money with the Regenerating Movement, it’s clear.
As we are only going to invite people to do two or three exercises.
An exercise to relax the solar plexus area.
In this one, we breathe out thoroughly.
It’s a kind of artificial yawn.
We relax the plexus area.
One of the second exercises we do, so as to trigger the individual movement
would be rotating the spine. Well here,
it’s about regaining suppleness. I see people today, with the ageing of the bodies,
their spine is completly blocked. They can’t turn round anymore.
They have to twist their whole body to look behind them
when it would be enough to turn the spine. But often,
even at 30 years old, the spine is blocked.
So it’s an exercise that relaxes the body. That’s the second exercise.
The third exercise, which is a little more complicated,
you have to put your thumbs inside your clenched fists and pull them back.
Well. Difficult to show how it works like this. You need to have someone to show it to you precisely.
That’s why workshops are organised. That’s for the individual movement.
And after that, what do we do ? Nothing !
We just do nothing. We let our body trigger the movement.
If we practice the individual movement, it’s very simple. We can practice it anywhere.
It can be very discreet.
It’s not about starting to scream.It’s not something very visible.

A movement session is not noisy.
Sometimes little noises can be heard, almost nothing.
So that is the individual movement.
And then in our dojos, during the week, that is to say two or three times a week,all depends which dojo,
we practice the mutual movement. Then, we do the solar plexus exercise
and we add a few exercises of concentration,
such as breathing through our hands,Yuki, the activation chain all that to create the conditions
for our body to be ready to let the movement trigger.
However the movement triggering itself will occur
by activating the second points of the head.
When activating the second points of the head,
the voluntary system, in a way, will be put at rest.
And it will be the involuntary system that is going to take over.
So what does it mean ? It does’nt mean that suddenly we become
decerebrated and that we don’t understand anything anymore. When for example we are eating something,
it’s the digestive system, while it was at rest,
that it was doing nothing, suddenly the digestive system begins to activate.
And then all sorts of gastric juices arrive, the stomach starts working,
intestines work more etc. That’s not why we are no longer able to think.
At most, we get a bit dozy.
The drowsiness that arises during digestion, or when we had a good meal,
we are a bit…Well… It’s because the involuntary digestive system has been activated.
But it’s not because this digestive system has been activated that there is nothing else anymore.
Here again, when we practice the Regenerating Movement,
the voluntary movement is at rest, we don’t think about it, we close our eyes,
we let our body move according to its needs.
And then the body, because it’s the involuntary,
will be able to do things it doesn’t usually do or has somehow left behind.
And so, there, it starts moving. That’s why we practice in a dojo.
It sometimes does things that may seem incongruous. For example, doing this sort of thing,
if you do this in the underground, people may think « Wow, this one is a bit weird ».
So in the dojo we are at ease, eyes shut, no one is watching what we do,
it’s a bit as if we were at home.
The Regenerating Movement as practised in the dojo is a training.
It’s a training as we often call it, of the extra-pyramidal system, but not only.
It’s a training because our bodies have been weakened,
and because it’s difficult for us to react, we have to train. It’s a bit like a person who does not walk anymore.
At some stage, a single step is difficult. Going from the kitchen to the bathroom is difficult.
So from the moment that person starts walking again,
her body will start again working better. It’s the same with the involuntary movement.
And at a certain time, of course as it is a training, it takes place in a given time.
It’s also necessary to put an end to it, at a given time.

There again, an exercise very similar to the first individual to stop the movement.
We stop the movement. And then we stay lying down for a few minutes.
And then we come back, the voluntary system will take over again.
So we have left the individual movement act completly as it needs to do, on his own,
during a certain time, and then we go back to our daily life, our ordinary daily life.
An so the body will regain capacities of the involuntary.
More than ever in the past, we’ll let the involuntary work in our daily life.
Because our body will say « Well, here, I need » and then will stir up another type of work.
So there again, some exercices allow the training of the involuntary system
and afterwards we are back to our everyday life. We are not all the time in the involuntary.
We work, we do lots of things with the voluntary system.
But as the involuntary keeps on working underneath, our body remains normal.

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