Scott Interviews Triple H

HUGE NIGHT IN THE PRO WRESTLING WORLD. WWE’S FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN WILL BE SHOWN LIVE ON FOX NETWORK AND FOX 39. IT’S THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF SMACKDOWN. WWE STAR AND CURRENT CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER ‘TRIPLE H’ TOLD ME BY SATELLLITE FROM LOS ANGELES HOW PUMPED HE IS FOR THIS. ((Triple H)) “We’re thrilled. Fox has brought us immediately right into the family. It places us on the same level as the NFL and major league baseball, and when you think about it the partnership is perfect because nobody, nobody does live events, sports spectacle like Fox does except maybe the WWE. THAT’S SPORTS. HAVE A GREAT DAY! ((BRITTANIE)) IT’S THE 55TH YEAR THE GERMAN SOCIETY HAS CELEBRATED

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