About 2 weeks ago, Ryan “Blue” Bowen made
the announcement that he was going to be competing
in the 2019 Zloty Tur in the 86kg category,
but some interesting events made him change
his mind.
And what was it?
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“I was really excited to hear that Ryan
Bowen was gonna go to Zloty Tur, cause it
has been forever that i have been seeing him!
And i came across this article that Pound
for pound published and i have to say, its
an interesting one:
I hired a nutritionist to help me cut the
weight from 94kg to 86kg and was feeling very
ready to move toward a lean and light version
of myself, but then a spanner was thrown in
the works.
After making the announcement in social media,
the greatest Armwrestler of all time, John
Brzenk, left a comment that I would be better
off competing in the 95kg class.
This comment intrigued and confused me and
many others at first.
I messaged John and asked him if he just was
against the weight cut, to which he responded,
no, give me a call.
So with that I called John and discovered
the now public news that John is considering
entering the 95kg Top 8 next year, and furthermore
that a top 4 finish in the Zloty Tur in the
95kg division this year would likely see an
invitation to be a contender in the Top 8.
Achieving such an invitation would be a massive
deal for any Armwrestler, myself included.
And to have John tell me that he believes
I can make the top four was one of the most
empowering things I have ever heard.
So, with seven weeks untill the 2019 Zloty
Tur, I am training harder and more effectively
than I ever have before.
With the firm goal of making the top 4 in
mind I have never been more focused and simply
cannot wait to unleash.”
So lets recap this statement that Bowen just made:
John is considering entering the Top 8 -95
next year (which is a massive deal, if that
were to happen, cause the views would be off
the charts) and the top 4 of Zloty -95 is
more than likely to get invited to the Top
8 -95 next year, so that is giving Bowen more
motivation than before, cause from what i
have been hearing, Ryan has been dreaming
of pulling John in a tournament, and that
thought will give any armwrestler the fire
up their ass and train.
But will Ryan make the top 4 in Zloty -95?
In my opinion, if he has a really great day,
good flow with the bracket and does not get
multiple wars after the other, i would be
the first ones to say yes, i think he can
do it, and why i think so is that he has the
mindset, determination and strength to make
it possible.
If everything goes his way, and if it does,
we might be able to see the first Australian
in history, that makes it in the top 8 -95kg
and the grand stage of PAL.
Is it inevitable, or not likely at all?
I leave that thought for you to marinate and
come to your own conclusion.
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  1. Is it inevitable, or unlikely? Link to the article: https://www.poundforpoundarmwrestling.com/blogs/pound-for-pound-ryan-blue-bowen-1/aiming-for-the-2020-top-8

  2. Herman Stevens placed #6 left and #14 right last year Zloty 95kg. He is much better and stronger than Ryan imo. I don't think Ryan will place above #20 right. Not trying to spread negativity, just the way I see it.

  3. Ryan is expecting to get at Hutchings, Zoloev, Brzenk, Herman levels of strength in such little time? That’s just unrealistic, he needs much more muscle and to be much leaner, we would do better cutting to 86 kg like he planned, in 86 I’m sure he can do something but in 95kg absolutely not.

  4. Love Ryan but no way he'll crack top 4 95kg, I'll be surprise if he can crack top 10. And John in top 8 95kg next year will be epic!

  5. I am a BIG FAN of RYAN and JOHN💪👍💗I can't wait to se what is gonna happen💪👍💗
    RYAN is KICKING ass this YEAR, but is he a top 4 gay yet, I dont now, but I will cheer for him ALL the way💪👍💗😎

  6. It all depends on who shows up to Zloty this year, with IFA World's being the same weekend will some opt for that instead? And which "WAF Pullers" will choose to pull Zloty (thus being banned from WAF?). Also, will the 95kg class be extra loaded this year with the incentive of qualifying for top 8???

    I'm also curious to see what PAL does if any of the top 4 opt out of competing at top 8… as would be the case for WAL athletes, I assume. For example, if Krasi places top 4, can he do top 8, or does his WAL contract not allow him to? They didn't allow Mike, Jerry, and Dave to do top 8… if this happens then does PAL go down the results list and pick #5, #6 ect? Or do they choose who they see to be the best fit? I'd hope the latter, as in big brackets, even #4 isn't always necessarily fourth best, the fourth best can even end up last with a shit draw…

    Kind of ranting but some thoughts/questions I had. If I had to bet, no, I do not think Ryan makes top 4, and I do think the class will be loaded, even though guys such as Rustam, Ongaebaev, and Rustam won't be competing, of course. Top 4, possibly, could be like Krasi, John, Petrenko, Kocak (or something like that, possibly)

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