Roman Reigns vs. Erick Rowan – Lumberjack Match: SmackDown, Oct. 4, 2019

Roman Reigns lands on his feet, and
Reigns will send Erick Rowan over the top.>>Let’s see what happens here,
let’s see what happens here!>>And now the Lumberjacks looking
to send Rowan back into the ring. And Erick Rowan is out
fighting the Lumberjacks.>>Look at the power,
just back-handing everyone around him. Heavy fists from Erick Rowan.>>[NOISE]
>>The Big Dog making his way through the melee on the outside.>>Roman Reigns caught by Rowan. Picked him out of the air and
threw him into the barricade.>>Everybody okay?>>Erick Rowan, Daniel,
he says this is all about respect, and finally being respected here in WWE.>>See I get it,
I guess that’s part of reason why I’m so disappointed in Erick Rowan is because
he says even I didn’t respect him. I’m the one who saw
the potential in Erick Rowan.>>No.
>>[INAUDIBLE] Now, going right after Roman Reigns and, so
cooler heads trying to prevail as Reigns is set back into the ring,
easy prey perhaps. [CROSSTALK] With a big boot, here’s the
cover on Roman Reigns, hook on the leg.>>Roman Reigns went for
the Superman Punch, caught by Erick Rowan. Trying to fight out of it with
a couple of elbows to the temple. [SOUND] Big boot to the face!>>Aah!>>Reigns’ Superman punch!>>Down goes Rowan,
does the Big Dog have anything left?>>Whoa guys, no,
you’ve gotta be kidding me.>>Both men down.>>You’ve gotta be kidding me.>>This is why I’m out here.>>Here comes big Luke Harper. Eric Rowan’s partner.>>And
Harper’s flattening everything that moves.>>And now Daniel Bryan going
right after Luke Harper. Bryan and Reigns against Harper and Rowan’s as Bryan is driven
into the barricade.>>This lumberjack match
is devolving in a hurry. It is chaos on the outside.>>The Big Dog flies!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Taking everybody out!>>[NOISE]
>>Rowan with a big old smile on his face,
Iron Claw locked into Reigns. Eric Rowan [INAUDIBLE] with a fight out,
Superman punch.>>But wait a minute,
here comes Luke Harper.>>Bang! What a clothesline by Harper.>>And this is still all legal. No disqualification in a Lumberjack Match.>>Daniel Bryan takes out
Harper with a running knee.>>And now it’s Erick Rowan,
and a spear by Reigns! Cover!>>One, two, three!>>Reigns wins. [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>Here is your winner, Roman Reigns! [MUSIC]>>Desperate times, unlikely alliances. [MUSIC]

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