RIT Men’s Wrestling:  Locker Room Dedication

RIT Men’s Wrestling: Locker Room Dedication

>>The RIT wrestling program is the
latest sport to receive a major gift.
Thanks to 1979 grad and RIT trustee,
Ron Ricotta,
the Tigers are the beneficiaries of a
newly renovated locker room facility.
>>Believe it or not, this was half the size,
about a month ago.
And just because they’re close and they
love to hang out with each other,
and be together, they live in here.
>>It’s double the size,
I mean, like the other one
just felt cramped,
this one feels amazing.
It means a lot to everyone, I mean
the entire time this place was being built
we were all trying to sneak in here
to watch the construction, just cause
we were so excited
just for how great this was going to be
and I don’t know.
It doesn’t seem like a locker room
would mean much to like a sports program,
but we spend time in here, I mean,
we hang out in here, people do homework here,
we socialize, I mean this is where we spend
time before matches.
So, it means a lot to the program, and all of us.
>>You know, wrestlers don’t get as
much attention as some other sports.
I thought if I could make a contribution
that’ll help make these people
feel important and give them
good accommodations, it would be good
for them and good for this school.
>>Oh it fits?
>>We have a room full of wrestlers here
who probably are inspired by this, and
are saying to themselves when my time comes,
I’d like to do the same.
>>I think sports teaches you to
give of yourself to others
and I would hope not just athletics,
but the school and maybe other things
that they’re interested in.
That they would use some of their
time and treasure to benefit other people.
And I think that’s what we’re trying
to promote here at RIT.

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