Rey Mysterio vs. Gran Metalik: Raw, Sept. 9, 2019

>>The great high-flyer up to the top rope. Rey Mysterio,
down off the seated senton goes Metalik.>>Rey picking up the pace.>>Crossbody.>>Metalik’s all out of
sorts at the moment.>>Yeah, but
Rey doesn’t look quite right either.>>I agree. Look at this. This is the athlete name,
kick the ropes right there.>>Dropkick,
driving Mysterio into the corner.>>Metalik has been very, very impressive
to this point in this matchup. Obviously knowing the stakes
were at an all time high. We’d be looking for
the home run to seal the deal.>>He’ll either crumble or
flourish under the pressure but right now Gran Metalik is rising up.>>Mysterio with the head butt, trying
to pull out all the stops here tonight. Ooh, what a shot by Metalik.>>What’s he got in mind?>>There’s that innovative offensive
style by Metalik, Rey hit hard. Cover by Metalik to lock up
Mysterio here on Raw, near fall, just got the shoulder up. My God. How impressive was that? Metalik still able to kick out.>>Imagine the snap that Metalik
deliver on the hurricanrana.>>And Mysterio catches Metalik,
drives him back a bit. Rey Mysterio now will send
Metalik in a position. Rey Mysterio looking to dial it up for
the vintage 619, connecting. Rey gotta head up top. Looks to drop a dime on Metalik,
there’s the frog splash. Cover on Metalik, Mysterio with the win. [SOUND]
>>Here is your winner, Rey Mysterio.>>He is not done yet. Rey Mysterio with a big win over
a game Gran Metalik tonight. [MUSIC]

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