Rey Mysterio vs. Cesaro: Raw, Sept. 16, 2019

If you don’t have all of your passion, all of your will in this game,
you won’t last very long. Cesaro sent into the pole, shoulder first. Great counter by Rey Mysterio.>>You risk injury each and every night,
even at one hundred percent. Even when you’re at the top of your game. So the minute you start second-guessing or
you feel like you’re losing a step, maybe it is time to step aside.>>An uppercut by Cesaro. Did not allow Mysterio to
fly out of the ring and the Artist Rey Mysterio has been grounded.>>Look it, we’re talking about
injuries from Rey Mysterio, yeah it’s going to happen over time. But I don’t think it’s a lack
of passion from Mysterio.>>No, no, I agree with you, Renee. Rey Mysterio is one of the most passionate
competitors I’ve ever known here in WWE. Cesaro though would like to
knock off Mysterio here tonight. Look at Rey.>>Looking to at least make Rey reconsider
his decision to keep on fighting.>>Mysterio, the innovative offensive
style that has made him an all time great former World Champion multiple times.>>Wow.>>619 to the spine
>>One way to do it.>>It caught Cesaro in the liver.>>God.>>Great deal of pain. [NOISE] Hey now, taking a high risk.>>And planting Cesaro with a tornado DDT,
off the suicide dive, Mysterio’s rolling on raw.>>[NOISE]
>>Mysterio, cross-body, lateral-presses,
Cesaro rolls through.>>Wow!
>>There’s the power of the Swiss Cyborg!>>Almost effortless
Mysterio though caught him.>>Spiked Cesaro down, crucifix driver. Cesaro is hurt but so is Rey.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Rey kicked straight to the face of Cesaro, ducks underneath.>>[SOUND] Roll through
Cesaro back on his feet. Mysterio is gonna meet him there. Caught. Wham. Great DDT by Rey. And that turns Cesaro inside out. Now Mysterio hopes to
try to win this matchup. Cover, hooks the legs,
shoulders down, pitfall for Rey. [APPLAUSE]
>>Rey’s best friend, the late, great Eddie Guerrero,
who would deliver the Three Amigos. That is what Cesaro is looking to do
here to Rey Mysterio, who makes him pay!>>Not so quick!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Six, one, nine!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Rey, headed up top once again. Cesaro caught him! Can you believe that? Rey No! Shoulders down for the win! Got him! [SOUND] [MUSIC] Here’s your winner, Rey Mysterio. [MUSIC]

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