Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam vs. Booker T & Eddie Guerrero: SmackDown, Dec. 30, 2004

>>As Rey Mysterio put a right hand to the ribs of Eddie Guerrero
trying to battle out and he does. But how much does Mysterio have left? Off the ropes and from the top-
>>Whoa!>>Mysterio planting Eddie with a DDT.>>Big time exclamation point right there! Flat in the middle of the ring. Turning point of the match, Cole.>>But now the fact is can Mysterio
get a tag to his partner, Rob Van Dam?>>Well, Eddie Guerrero’s hurt too, here. Mysterio makes a tag.>>Here comes RVD. [INAUDIBLE] Clothes line. Eddie Guerrero’s [INAUDIBLE]
Due to the spin kick.>>Yeah, watch,
don’t let Van Dam get rolling here. He’ll be kicking your head your neck.>>Whoa.>>Eddie Guerrero hanging on.>>Got caught.>>But locked into that suplex.>>Right, here we go, the lights.>>The shoulder is down, the northeren lights in Eddie knocking
into the ribs to kick out of RVD.>>You are breaking down the bridge that
Van Dam have with that normal head suplex. Here we go, that rolling,
looks like yet rolling monkey flip.>>And
check out Mysterio dropkick to the face. Booker T knocked off the apron.>>Talking about fair play.>>Rob Van Dam top rope.>>He’s gonna fly!>>Five Star Frog Splash connecting.>>Woo!>>The Tag Team Champions gonna retain.>>They got it.>>Hook to the leg, and
Booker T saves the matchup for his team. Rey presence of Booker to
break up that big cover. Van Dam’s got hot, can he get to Mysterio? Can Rob make it to Rey?>>Well the tag team titles mean he
could be on the line here [CROSSTALK]>>It’s for Rey Mysterio, who right arm’s Eddie Guerrero. Nice reversal, heads to the clothes line-
>>Heads up!>>Up over the top above the shoulder
flipping the spinning arm drag.>>There’s a spinning kick again. Mysterio on fire right now.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>What’s this? What’s this? Hurricanrana from the top rope. Here’s the cover,
hooks the leg, there’s one! Booker T saving the matchup for
his team now.>>I don’t know who’s
going to win this thing. I mean, fold up from the end man,
I mean both teams evenly matched.>>There goes Eddie Guerrero.>>Which team could gain control? Quite possibly to beat. [SOUND] Booker T inadvertently
slapped the referee to>>And there’s a drop kick by Mysterio.>>That wasn’t and
neither is this coming up. 619 connecting. Booker T now center of the ring. Wait a minute, Eddie just-
>>No. Okay, so, the referee is coming, too.>>Look at Eddie.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Eddie got caught.>>Yeah, Eddie got caught with his hand. Almost with the cookie jar. [LAUGH]
>>What do you think you’re doing? What are you trying to do?>>He hit me with the belt.>>Look, that’s what you’re trying.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>What do you think you’re doing?>>I’m the champ.>>No, absolutely, not.>>Watch Ed!>>Rey Mysterio up And the top rope.>>Wow look at this.>>Look at this, Mysterio rolls through.>>One two three.>>It’s over man, Mysterio,
Rob Van Dam retain the title.>>Here are your winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions, Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam. [MUSIC]

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