Republicans, Losing Impeachment Fight, Call Democrats “Dumb”: A Closer Look

Republicans, Losing Impeachment Fight, Call Democrats “Dumb”: A Closer Look

-Republicans are standing
by President Trump,
even after major election losses
and bombshell testimony
and, now, they’re
calling Democrats dumb.
For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.”
[ Suspenseful theme plays ]
[ Cheering and applause ]
Donald Trump is nothing,
if not a pioneer
of the English language.
You might think
he’s just making up words
or doesn’t know how to read,
but that is not the case.
You see,
Trump doesn’t make errors.
He makes discoveries.
He’s like a scholar.
[ Laughter ]
Spends all night scouring
obscure, 15th-century
medieval texts,
looking for previously
unknown words.
[as Trump] Eureka!
I found it!
Lawmakers used to be called…
[ Laughter ]
-And, recently, recently,
Dr. Trump has made yet another
[ Laughter ]
profound linguistic discovery.
He’s invented a new,
powerful word
that he loves so much,
he’s now used it twice
at two different rallies
in the span of one week.
-First, they engineered
the Russia hoax.
That was a total hoax.
The single greatest lies
ever foistered
[ Laughter ]
upon the American people.
Then, it was Mueller.
Remember Mueller,
with that hoax?
[ Crowd booing ]
The biggest lie ever foistered
[ Laughter ]
upon the American people.
-That’s right, foistered.
[ Laughter ]
He sounds like Daffy Duck
trying to say “faster.”
[as Daffy] Foister, foister!
[ Laughter ]
The Democrats are after us!
[ Cheering and applause ]
Trump is surrounded,
surrounded by so many sycophants
that no one was willing
to tell him
foistered is not a word,
[ Laughter ]
so he used it twice.
Soon, his underlings are
gonna to start using it, too.
[as official]
This administration is moving
foister and foister
[ Laughter ]
than any administration
in history,
but we’re being stonewalled
by Democratic lawmarkers!
[ Laughter ]
Trump’s not the only linguistic
genius in the GOP this week.
GOP Senator Lindsey Graham
went on Fox News twice
to talk about the
impeachment inquiry.
Now, Graham was asked
about testimony
from one of Trump’s
handpicked ambassadors,
a guy named Gordon Sondland,
who donated $1 million
to Trump’s inaugural committee.
This week, Sondland admitted
that there was a quid pro quo
to get Ukraine
to investigate the company
that employed Joe Biden’s son
Hunter Biden.
That company was called Burisma,
and, yet,
Graham couldn’t pronounce
either the name Burisma
or the name Sondland.
-There was concern that
the prosecutor was getting
too close to Hunter Biden,
that people from Bearmoosa,
whatever the name
[ Laughter ]
of the company,
a conversation with Sunderland.
Now, here’s a question:
Why did Sunderland
change his testimony?
Was there a connection
between Sunderland
and Democratic operatives
on the committee?
It makes me incredil–
incredibly suspicious.
Why did Sunderland
change his mind?
-You think he’s in cahoots
with the Democrats?
You’re not even in cahoots
with your own mouth.
[ Laughter ]
Trump and Graham sound like
two guys leavin’ a bar
at 4:00 am,
arguing who should dive home.
[as Trump]
Give me the keys.
You’re too foistered to drive.
[as Graham] No. Why? No. Why?
We need a r–
I’ll call Sunderland.
[ Laughter and applause ]
He’ll pick us up
in his Chevy Buhroozmuh.
[ Laughter ]
Also, verbal slipups aside,
you think one of Trump’s
handpicked ambassadors,
a guy who, again, gave him
$1 million to his campaign,
is in cahoots
with the Democrats?
These guys are such
paranoid freaks,
they’re gonna start accusing
everyone of bein’ against them.
[as Trump]
Who’s the whistleblower?
Is it you, Rudy?
What’s that around your neck?
[as Giuliani]
Oh, no! Oh, no!
I thought this was
my lucky necklace!
[ Laughter ]
And, yet, despite the fact
that these guys can barely get
two-syllable words
out of their own mouths,
they’re actually accusing
Democrats of being stupid.
Last night, during Trump’s
rally in Louisiana,
Senator John Kennedy
brought up the impeachment
inquiry and said this…
-And you know what our Democrats
friends have done for him?!
[ Crowd shouting ]
Speaker Nancy Pelosi
is trying to impeach him!
[ Booing ]
I don’t mean any disrespect,
but it must suck
to be that dumb!
[ Laughter ]
-I think you did mean
some disrespect.
I’m sorry, she’s dumb?
You don’t get
to call anyone dumb
when you sound like a cross
between Gomer Pyle
and Foghorn Leghorn.
[ Laughter and applause ]
[ Scat sings as Kennedy ]
[ Cheering and applause ]
[ Continues scat singing ]
[ Cheering ]
I mean, again,
I don’t how can you be
so judgmental.
The dude you’re standing next to
thinks foistered is a real word
[ Laughter ]
and can’t even spell
his own name.
That’s real.
[ Laughter ]
That is from a tweet
Trump wrote himself.
You know how you get points
on your SATs
just for writing down your name?
Trump would be
the first student in history
to get a score back that said,
“Maybe college isn’t for you.”
[ Laughter ]
That same Kennedy’s
also defended Trump
during the impeachment inquiry
by saying that, even if there
was a quid pro quo with Ukraine,
Trump didn’t intend
to break any laws.
Kennedy said in an interview,
“To me, it all turns
on intent motive.
Did the president have
a culpable state of mind?
Based on the evidence
that I see,
that I’ve been allowed to see,
the president does not
have a culpable state of mind.”
[ Laughter ]
That’s because he doesn’t
have any state of mind.
[ Laughter ]
His mind is empty.
If Trump took a meditation class
and the instructor said,
“First, begin
by clearing your mind,”
Trump would immediately shout…
[as Trump] Done.
I did it. Mind cleared.
[ Laughter ]
Empty head cavern.
So these guys think
there’s a shadowy conspiracy
against them and they
think Democrats are dumb
for pursuing impeachment,
despite the fact that a majority
of Americans support it.
In fact, these guys are so
out of touch with reality that,
when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
first announced the impeachment
inquiry in November,
Trump himself argued that it
would actually be good for him.
-I just heard
that she’d like to impeach
and, I mean, if she does that,
they all say that’s a positive
for me, from the election.
-Oh, do they all say that?
[ Laughter ]
When you say they, do you mean
your other personalities?
[ Fresh laughter ]
[as Trump] Scared Trump
says it’s bad.
Sassy Trump says it’s good
and Nerdy Trump says bazinga.
[ Laughter ]
So Trump said impeachment
would actually be good
for him politically
and, yet, on Tuesday,
Republicans saw major losses
in Virginia;
and Kentucky, where a Democrat
won the governor’s race
in a state Trump won
by 30 points.
Now, to be clear, Kentucky’s
incumbent Republican governor,
Matt Bevin, was one of the most
unpopular governors
in the country.
He fought with teachers
and tried to gut Medicaid.
Overturned an executive order
restoring felon voting rights
and he tried to implement
work requirements
for Medicaid recipients.
And I would just like to say,
if we’re gonna start
instituting work requirements
for federal programs,
maybe we should start
with the presidency.
I mean, Trump is always golfing.
[ Laughter ]
He never works. He’s like
that friend everyone has
who’s always posting photos
from exotic locations,
but when you ask him what he
does for a living, he’s like,
“Uh, well, I’m workin’ on an app
that tells you
which Starbucks
has the best bathrooms.
[ Laughter ]
Yeah, it’s called —
it’s called Starbutts.
[ Laughter and applause ]
So Bevin’s defeat —
[ Applause ]
Bevin’s defeat was a rejection,
not just of Trump,
but of the GOP agenda on issues
like healthcare and education.
But the race was also
very much about impeachment.
In fact, a source close
to Trump even admitted
the GOP losses on Tuesday
were a bad sign,
both for Trump’s
reelection campaign
and the impeachment inquiry.
-A source close
to the White House told CNN
the results were totally bad.
Kentucky and Virginia
signaled to the GOP
they are underestimating
voter intensity against Trump
and it could be terrible
for them next year.
Bad omen for impeachment.
-You guys really needed an omen
to tell you things
were not looking good?
[ Laughter ]
Republicans are like
Ancient Egyptians
trying to predict the seasons.
“The air is cooling.
What could it mean?
We must look to the stars
for a sign.”
[ Laughter, cheering,
and applause ]
And, what’s worse —
[ Applause ]
what’s worse for Republicans
is they have
no credible defense.
They’re flailing.
In fact, yesterday,
an MSNBC reporter caught up
to Republican
Congressman Mark Meadows,
a staunch Trump ally.
Meadows was desperate to prove
that Republicans
were not losing
the impeachment fight.
-Hold on.
We have Mark Meadows right here.
Congressman Meadows,
can we talk live?
So he’s walking by right now,
but Republicans
are really struggling
to defend
-I’ll talk to you.
-the president — Okay. Great.
-We’re not struggling
on anything.
-Okay, so Congressman —
-So, the Republicans
are not struggling on anything.
[ Laughter ]
-He’s like a guy who’s too proud
to admit he doesn’t
know how to swim.
[as Meadows]
I’m not drownin’.
Do not throw me
a life preserver.
I love the taste of salt water.
I think I can see
my grandmother.
[ Laughter ]
Also, can we hear that clip
again, with the tire screeching?
-Congressman Meadows,
can we talk live?
So he’s walking by right now,
but Republicans
are really struggling to defend
[ Tire screeches ]
[ Laughter ]
the president — Okay. Great.
-Struggling on anything.
-And, now,
[ Applause ]
[ Cheering ]
even Trump’s own appointees —
[ Applause ]
Trump’s own appointees
are admitting
there was a quid pro quo
with Ukraine,
so Republicans are changing
their argument again.
Yesterday, Lindsey Graham,
the guy who couldn’t even
pronounce the name
of one of the key witnesses,
said Trump couldn’t
have orchestrated
a quid pro quo with Ukraine
because he is too incompetent.
-What I can tell you about the
Trump policy toward the Ukraine:
It was incoherent.
It depends on who you talk to.
They seem to be incapable
of forming a quid pro quo.
-So they can’t be criminals
because they’re stupid.
[ Laughter ]
It is not good when your defense
is also a confession.
No version of that is good.
Either they broke the law
or they’re morons.
It’s like if a cop
pulled you over and said,
“Do you know the speed limit?”
And you responded,
“Of course not.
I’m too drunk to read the sign.”
[ Laughter ]
So I guess what Graham
is saying is
they would have committed
the crime, but they were too…
[ Laughter ]
-This week should put to rest
any speculation that impeachment
should somehow help trump.
It should also reminds us
that the GOP agenda,
on issues like healthcare,
education, and voting rights,
is deeply unpopular.
I don’t know what
will happen in 2020,
but, so far,
Trump’s plans have been…
[ Laughter ]
-This has been “A Closer Look.”
[ Cheering and applause ]

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