Releasing Cane Toads To Save Our Native Species | WWF-Australia

The Kimberley is a really unique and interesting place.
We’re really lucky that we’ve not seen any
species extinctions in this region,
however with the toads approaching fast,
a lot of our native animals are facing a huge threat.
One creek we walked up, we found like…
20 dead goannas,
and even dead snakes.
It’s really shocking.
These toads have actually evolved longer legs.
They’re bigger toads,
they’re stronger, they’re faster,
and they’re just continously heading west,
trying to move to find new places for having their babies.
The science says that all of our native predators
that are impacted by cane toads
can learn to avoid cane toads if they have
a small dose of toxin first.
My hopes for the future of the Kimberley
is that we can preserve
some of these species in the landscape.

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