Real Reasons Why Brock Lesnar Attacked Rey Mysterio And His Son Dominick On RAW

4 reasons why Brock Lesnar
attacked Rey Mysterio and
his son Dominick
4: To introduce Dominick to the
wrestling world in a big way
Rey Mysterio has done it all in
WWE, from being a Grand Slam
Champion to a Royal Rumble winner.
And though he is still able to fly
around the ring with the greatest
of ease, it’s safe to say that the
master of the 619 is closer to
the end of his career than the
start of it.
Outside the ring, Mysterio is known
for being a devout family man, and
given his relationship with his
son, Mysterio will be wanting to
do everything he can to help
his son get over
with the often hostile WWE
So how do you help your son
make an impact in a roster
brimming with talent?
You have him get assaulted
by Brock Lesnar of course!
There’s nobody in WWE, or
Combat Sports either quite like
Lesnar, and though his relaxed
contract has angered many fans
over the years, it does mean his
appearances are must-see.
Sharing the ring with the Beast this
week, Dominick’s star power has
instantly gotten bigger
and fans are already talking
about what will happened for
the son of Mysterio.
Though we doubt Dominick and
Lesnar will be locking horns inside
the Squared Circle anytime soon,
merely being on-screen with the
former Universal Champion was
enough to help out Dominick out.
Though fans first met Dominick
back in 2005 as the prize in the
Rey Mysterio Vs. Eddie Guerrero
feud, it seems the 21 year old
star is ready to step out of his
father’s shadow
and the attack by Lesnar this
week may have been the
first step in a lengthy
in-ring career for
Dominick Mysterio.
3: To save Mysterio Vs. Rollins
for an even bigger stage
Before Brock Lesnar decided to
destroy the Mysterio family on
this week’s season
premiere of RAW, Rey certainly
had a big night planned.
After winning a number one
contender’s match on last week’s
show, Mysterio was set to face
Universal Champion Seth Rollins
for the title, though that plan
obviously didn’t happen.
One of the best highflyers of his
time, Mysterio would have done
wonders with Rollins
and a title match between the
two could’ve easily been on
Pay Per View.
Since the match never happened,
and the Architect instead faced
Rusev, the company could still
have a title match between
Seth and Rey down the line,
which we’re sure would do big
numbers for the company.
Two of WWE’s most popular stars
in recent memory, having the two
face off on Pay Per View would be
a great idea, and in an ironic
twist of fate, being attacked
by the Beast
may have been the best thing
right now for Mysterio’s career.
2: To build to Lesnar Vs. Mysterio
The story of the plucky
underdog is nothing new.
Even going back to the bible, the
tale of David and Goliath has lived
on for thousands of years, as it
shows how with a lot of
determination and a bit of luck,
even the smallest person can
win big.
The story of David and Goliath has
also happened in WWE, and if you
look back at Lesnar’s matches
since his return, it seems he
always works better with
smaller Superstars.
In January, Lesnar and Finn Balor
had an epic Universal title match
at the Royal Rumble, and the Beast
Incarnate also had similarly over
the years against the likes of

Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles
and CM Punk.
Though Lesnar and Mysterio
have faced off before, both men
are very different than who they
were on the December 11th
2003 SmackDown, and
even if Goliath
is to crush David, this could
lead to big things for the Beast.
1: To build to Lesnar Vs
Cain Velasquez.
The WWE has seen plenty of
stars jump from MMA to Pro
Wrestling, from Ken Shamrock
to Ronda Rousey to Shayna
Baszler and Matt Riddle.
Most recently, Cain Velasquez has
become the latest name to join
that list, as the former UFC
Heavyweight Champion has
recently competed in Triple A,
and has teased signing with WWE.
On Wrestling Observer Radio
this week, Dave Meltzer spoke
about the assault by Lesnar,
claiming that the attack on Mysterio
could lead to Velasquez stepping
up to challenge the beast.
“In fact, I think that the whole
segment with Rey and everything,
it’s like you beat up the
Mexican and the Mexican super
hero badass comes in. That’s
kind of what the idea
was behind everything but
Cain is not signed either.”
Meltzer also reported via MMA
Fighting, that the WWE is
looking to sign Cain
with the major selling point of
a match with the Beast down
the line.
Fans of UFC will know that
Velasquez is just one of the few
fighters who holds a win over
Lesnar in the Octagon, and
this past could lead to a
great story, similar to the one
between Brock and
Goldberg in 2016.
The 37-year-old Mexican fighter
has certainly had a great start
to his wrestling career
and has not only attracted the
attention of WWE, but AEW
as well.
Velasquez himself has remained
coy about where he will go next,
as he is still under contract
with UFC, but has made it known
he hopes to transition to wrestling
full-time when he has the chance.
After the beatdown by Brock,
Paul Heyman gave a post-match
interview, even name-dropping
Vince McMahon, and fans are
already speculating on
whether this means
the Boss will punish the
Beast for his actions.
With Lesnar facing Kofi Kingston
this Friday, there’s a good chance
that he and Paul Heyman
could split up if the Beast is
drafted to SmackDown, as
Heyman currently serves
as the Executive Director
of Monday Night RAW.
Lesnar without Heyman is
something fans haven’t seen in
a long time, but if he was to go
it alone, a feud against
Velasquez would definitely
make major news.
Of course, this is all speculation
for the time being, as right now,
only Velasquez knows
where he wants to go and
what company he’s willing
to sign for.
With that said, it’s obvious that
the WWE is hoping for Lesnar
and Velasquez to face off
once again, this time in a WWE
ring, and with the right story
this could be one of the biggest
storylines the WWE Universe
has ever seen.

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