RAVE TO SAVE ANIMALS | Fight the Fire 2020

RAVE TO SAVE ANIMALS | Fight the Fire 2020

What do yo – GIDO IS HERE
What do you think?
It’s great!
I like the venue, I hadn’t been here before
Sound is fine too
Nice and cozy
You get what I mean….
This ain’t normal
I survived
No, it was awesome
I was quite tired from yesterday
But I really enjoyed myself
It was just really fun, there was a good atmosphere
It was actually quite busy, in a good way
I loved how the club looked
But the stage was very high
And the lights didn’t go on till later so it was very dark in the beginning
But otherwise it was a cool venue, the sound was decent as well
I heard some good sets
Delete was actually later, but he really made up for that with a great set
Sickmode was once again s i c c
So yeah, I enjoyed it
Like and subscribe, I’ll see you tomorrow….
Wait no not tomorrow thank god
I’ll see you next week at Dediqated and Greazed Up

27 thoughts on “RAVE TO SAVE ANIMALS | Fight the Fire 2020”

  1. What a great tracks at this event! I'm impressed, I really would like to be there! Very good vlog as always 😀 Greetings from Poland! 🙂

  2. As an aussie raver, i'd like to pass on my thanks. You have no idea how much we appreciate the world helping out like this.

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