Randy Orton slams Kofi Kingston into the announce table: Clash of Champions 2019

>>I am talking all-time greats,
I am talking the pantheon of WWE.>>Who’s to say Kofi Kingston not on
the road to becoming one of those all-time greats?>>Caught up amongst the ropes,
Randy Orton how crafty was that!>>Watch Orton!>>Orton on the move and blasts-
>>No!>>Kofi Kingston into the barricade.>>And look at this, The Viper,
the challenger growing more and more confident with each passing moment.>>Randy Orton is fuming inside the ring. Those chops really ticked him off.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>One can only wonder what is circulating throughout the mind of The Viper. I think we know.>>Clear the way.>>Very, very well.>>Bounced off of our desk. And now Randy Orton’s gonna
explore the ring side area.>>Orton is seeking out his
favorite form of punishment.>>Randy Orton knows
the rules all too well. Just enough to not get, disqualified. But more than enough
to inflict punishment.>>Top of the barricade
along the mid section, from the outside of the barricade,
all the way to the inside.>>The ribs, the lower back. Count of five.>>Beautiful. That is a veteran,
brilliant maneuver by Orton. Breaking the official’s count in
order to inflict more punishment.>>Look out.>>And now outside. Belly to back onto
the charming announce desk. [SOUND]

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