Putin on Western Sanctions Against Russia: They Play Football According To Judo Rules

Putin on Western Sanctions Against Russia: They Play Football According To Judo Rules

President Putin, looking around this room, it would seem to be evidence that sanctions do not work.
Virtually everyone I meet here has been sanctioned in some way, and yet Russian business continues to thrive.
Do sanctions have any effect at all?
Well, look here, today we talked about sports,
and my good friend here, the prime minister here (Shinzo Abe),
dreamt that Russia and Japan would play in the finals of the FIFA World Cup.
This is a bad scenario, what if we suddenly lose? This will be trouble, you know what I mean?
I can’t even imagine.
But the issue here isn’t even that. (Repeated)
The situation is forming in such a way that,
everyone is playing soccer, and yet they are playing by the rules of Judo.
Well, isn’t that an interesting game we’ve come up with… this isn’t entirely soccer or judo.
It’s just chaos.
This is where we are headed and this is what worries us.
And it’s not even about accepting the effects of sanctions or restrictions.
But, the fact that there are people here who understand what its like, have come up against it, dealt with it
Yeah, the majority here understands it,
because this sanctions “club”, as it’s being (humorously) called here, is more, and more, frequently being applied to countries that are not only Russian.
Is this good or bad? Can it be overcome or not?
Well of course. Russian economy has been steadily stabilizing,
not excluding a double or tripple whammy with falling prices on our traditional exports such as energy, metals, or chemicals
Plus, also sanctions pressure, all this happened at once.
But we were able to come out of it; I would go as far to say that we’ve reinforced our economy,
This is something which I am very grateful for, thanks to Christine,
she said what she thought was a positive thing for the development of Russia’s economy; more specifically, it’s macro economy.
But losses still do exist for everyone here, that being my first point,
and secondly, this actually holds back (economic) development.
In actuality, one way or another these restrictions hold us back,
our enterprises can’t get credit, in their fullest volume, on the international market, and so on.
This leads to limitations… to some extent,
but then comes a breakthrough, solutions are found, and everything, pretty much, falls into place.
Therefore, in the end, a policy like that has no bearing,
not economically, not politically, not militarily,.
Considering what concerns militarily, I’ve already spoken on that
One of the reasons for these attempts at holding back Russia, in fact, is to prevent the further development of Russian military technology.
Well, we just showed everyone recently, that we have already surpassed many of our partners in these military technologies, despite sanctions,
Therefore this is meaningless, yet harmful.

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  1. Sanctions only achieve a diminishing of support for the yank imperium and a weakening of the entire economy of the west, possibly even the collapse of the west economies if BRICS abandon the system altogether.

  2. Stop trading the petro dollar. Develope your own manufacturing + trades while making sure to protect them just as aggressively.

  3. I'm here too early…haven't found any arugments, die hards saying America is the best,or any negativity. Indeed the calm before the storm 😂.

  4. Macron looks like he doesn't understand anything. There is huge intellectual gap between Putin and Macron.

  5. Sanctions just force Russia to become self sufficient, a slow process, but one with huge long term benefits

  6. Mr Putin is right sanctions on Russia also causes problem for other countries that do business with Russia but also maybe ally or partner of USA so sanctions can do no good. Meaningful talks should be done. Conflict will only cause problems.

  7. Sanctions not working? you've got to be kidding. Russian GDP decline drastically (JUST as it was catching up to Italy's!) and the ruble is worthless… there's a huge recession and people are starting to feel it and you KNOW that why else are the pensioners starting to get pissed? why is everyone's wage suddenly worthless? was crimea and eastern Ukraine worth it???


  9. Americans and their stooges thought they could do to Russia what they did to the Soviet Union. At that time, the economy was not diversified, but today, the russian economy doesn't solely rely on oil. Russia is a mentality. Russians can achieve wonders on voluntary basis, asking no money! All done in the name of patriotism! That's why Russia alone which spends only $50 billion dollars on defence budget, can balance the power of the richest Europe and North America which spend 1 trillion dollars!

  10. I think sanctions are action of terrorists , when a country block another from having some resource needed for life , then you are acting in the same way as a terrorist do , for example USA has blocked cubans for many years making the population of Cuba end up in starvation , is that right?. Many children's and elder people are affected .. should you block your neighbor from having something that you have just because he doesn't think like you ..I think that usa have been acting in a selfish manner against many nations … they are teaching the world to behave wrongfully

  11. Fantastic said mt Putin.
    Please I hope you know the zionist agenda? They are behind all chaos in middle east and economic disaster. I am sure you are aware of this? Do not make any agreement with Netanyahu please.

  12. not sure why countries such as, Japan,South Korea and many other Asian countries are allied with the US. When the only aim of the US is world domination . Call me a fool but neither Russia nor China as such aim. Yet China and Russia has to keep spending vast sums of money into armaments to keep the US at bay. My friends that's essentially all that's going on.

  13. How does broke ass america with it's death spiral of debt put economic sanctions on other countries ? We're fucking broke !
    The national debt is more than 21,000,000,000,000 ..and increasing at a rate of 52,000 ..per..second !!
    It's just a stupid sick fucking joke ..'sanctions' ? Santioned with what ? ..more of the same bullshit

  14. In a few yrs we will look at what these sanctions caused…n I predict that the dollar will be dumped worldwide as we see China Russia Iran Venezuala alot of mid east counries starting to. The US which drafted these sanctions using the dollar as a war tool wanted to harm russia only screwed themselves

  15. If he would behave than there would be no sanctions against Russia… He's like a little boy doing mischief…he still needs to get punished like a dad and mom punish there little boy…..putiy boy ,behave yourself,momy and daddy have to sanction you

  16. Sanctions against Russia should be dropped by the EU immediately. Especially after Trump decided to play monopoly with import duties.

  17. Trump wants to MAGA by cutting down on imports and using more "Made in the US".
    Trump places sanctions on Russia forcing Russians to buy "Made in Russia".
    Sounds like Trump is doing his best to Make Russia Even Greater.
    Putin was smart manipulating the US election and getting Trump elected!

  18. Perfect analysis
    Russia is not iran or some lil country you can keep in check it does to some harm but it didnt prevent russia to devolpe itself
    Military russia is devolping farther farther the west is doing a mistake and treating russia as an enemy
    We dont want russia as an enemy but as an friend !
    It would benefit us and everyone would win

  19. We will make deal of 6systems of S-400 before octuber We had to ask US… To bypass this deal due to sanctions… Since we will pay.. Russians in $… So does that mean.. Every time we would have to ask US… If we buy any aircrafts in future…?

  20. Whereas the PM Abe of Japan was enjoying it all. In the end all like-minded people will come together in harmony. God bless.

  21. Russia don't need the world when they can deal with there neighbors, China, north and South Korea, Afghanistan got heaps good quality opium , that England, Israel, and America, want to keep, control so they can supply opium to the world market as morphine , move it through the Vatican the pope

    This is what almost every Russian or Christian or Muslim is uneducated about. Take word by word for it. If you don't know all languages to explain yourself you're illiterate. World won't understand you.

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    Whether they are Turkish , Persian, Jewish, or Syrian…etc Egyprian or Arab if they side with Romans god will punish them.

    Roman empire is basically British and French empire. That you see through Usa and Canada. English and French with the Italians hold the root of the problem. They – Romans transferred that hate towards Orthodox ( Russians ) onto Americans and most Europeans that you see today. Just like they transferred hate towards Orthodox ( Serbian ) onto Croats, Albanians, and Bosnia. It's what's Rome empire was all about. Later on to be British empire, France and Italy *together they made the states and kicked out Italians and Hispanic first. Orthodox Christians split from them in year 1054 just because we were loyal to East too, and Christ teachings didn't allow us to go into Crusades. Just as you see Orthodox Jewish when they protest draft to army. Islam has Jihad, but Christ's teachings in Orthodox side doesn't have "Kill unbelievers" it just speaks of them. Speaks of Jewish and Romans torture towards Jesus. Like you see the same injustice towards Palestinian. British empire must acknowledge defeat.

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  23. What Sanctions?? Looks more like president Putin is entertaining the world in football now!! “Enjoy “ simply brilliant Putin in action! (From Singapore with love!!) Raymond Teo S. K.


  25. They want a war with Russia.

    Remember that Russia must be converted to Catholicism as Blessed Virgin Mary told us at Fatima in 1917 and as the Vatican didn't want to reveal the 3rd Secret, Russia will spread its errors. Now, what's new is that Western leaders want Russia to make them war as they're pushing this agenda. They do applied these sanctions in order to make it happen.

    Russia will not take over the world, while France will have a serious work behind her if she wants to succeed in her alliance with Russia in order to preserve the peace. And it's not possible through Macron, who was appointed as a President just in order to replace the others political candidates. Now that they've realized that no one in France believe in the Republic and begin to open the eyes, understanding the subtle trap it was, they want to appoint a King. But they will fail again.

    Prepare for the war, it's coming up. Russia will hurt a lot but will get her comeuppance at the end. Russian peoples, convert to Catholicism as soon as possible if you really love your country. You will be dismantled by muslim forces that will ensnare your country as well as China that has 1 billion of moslems ready to take over them as soon as they will have bombed India. Indeed, we know by some prophecies that Russia will be dismantled and end up very badly as they will invade France and Italy, put the Communist flag on the Vatican, and convert too lately to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

  26. EU will learn the intricacies of "game of sanctions" from friendly U.S., or perhaps, Russians are better at that. There are proponents suggesting: "apply" sanctions against USA, this is not productive as the sparrow knows it, contrary, the balance sheets have loss statement on both sides, there is no winner, only looser (all loose, no winner). Sanctions club will more often than not hurt friends than foes and twist their own leg, or was it arm. Inevitably the "sanctions club" will have to settle the scores and pay the billion euro bill, and the "game of sanctions" will trail their lost standing for decades to come. Ask EU how much is the current cost to the club…no gain whatsoever…only a huge loss. Who on the list of Europe 20 has to bear the biggest cost, rest assured, cost are here and more are coming as debts are not forgotten…

  27. Lol at Putin's face of contempt at macro towards the end. It basically means "fuck you , we're thriving and your sanctions arent doing shit".

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