[PRACTICE] ท่าพื้นฐานที่ต้องฝึกงัดข้อ [ENG Sub]

[PRACTICE] ท่าพื้นฐานที่ต้องฝึกงัดข้อ [ENG Sub]

Hello, Welcome to Channel FitByMart
Today I will teach
Wrist Curls
Basic posture
for arm wrestling,
That must be practiced
How to do this practice
There are 2 types of practice
Frist type of practice
Full range, Second type is half range
I will show
First type

The dumbbell is on the legs.

Move the wrist down and move the wrist highest

You must tilt your body to make it fit.

My full range
I only practice for warm up

high reps

And second type is half range
move wrist for half range
More weight than full range

This practice requires you to use a lot of weight

You need to try for best weight you can practice

My half range I will use 25KG
Same full range but you just move wrist half range
There 2 types is ….
The main basic postures
For Arm wrestler

This position will get the forearm to grow.

And will get wrist curls for stronger

Next practice
Same latest traning
but your hand will turn down
Let go
For this practice
Same latest training
you have to turn your hand down
Then move the wrist up

This video is train your wrist to stronger
For Arm Wrestling
For who don’t understand
You can comment and I will answers
Thank you for watching

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