Postman To Pro Wrestler – THE END | The Truth About Training For PRO WRESTLING

Postman To Pro Wrestler – THE END | The Truth About Training For PRO WRESTLING

do this
April last year I stepped foot in a pro
wrestling ring for the very first time
just to train and make some YouTube
content of course… The Pro Wrestling
training continued through May and June
during this time’ gathered some interest
from sport bible hey Ry let us know when
you have your debut match and we’ll
cover it – promoter hears that and BOOM – debut
post mania is born. The papers get
BBC gets involved why I’m just a postman
living his childhood dream – that’s why a
feel-good story but not every story has
a happy ending
back in January I injured my back an
injury that’s lingered over everything
I’ve done for years Sirois what happened
oh no I didn’t injure wrastlin or
injured it down the gym but no not
lifting weights literally changing a pin
out of the machine hit the floor
BAM spasms agony through stubbornness
and a fear of letting people down I’ve
still gone out there week after week but
as the weeks have passed a situation has
continued to get worse and worse and
worse you see this is the problem with
being a pro wrestler people label what
we do is fake these people go out there
they don’t get hurt this is merely
entertainment just take a look the first
slam I took my face says it all the
truth about pro wrestling is that
there’s always potential for something
to go massively wrong which is why
despite the file I’m in severe pain I’m
hoping I’ve caught this early enough to
have no long-term damage no negative
impact on the rest of my life if you’re
thinking about starting your own pro
wrestling training don’t let me put you
off just listen to your body
be smart I was a victim of my own height
people got behind the character early
and I was wrestling on shows week after
week which is awesome but having only
just started my pro wrestling training
and things happening so fast I became a
ticking time bomb but you also believe
that one should adapt their training
inside the gym as well includes some
flexibility and mobility work work on
core strength neck strength and things
that all benefit you in that ring the
Train like a bodybuilder hypertrophy to
gain muscle I think that definitely
limited mobility in that ring
so I’ve mad respect for people like
Batista Lex Luger The Ultimate Warrior
guys that look like bodybuilders but
they still went out there and performed
on that level in the ring truth about
Pro Wrestling it gives you that absolute
high that buzz and uppers is addictive
when you look at to the crowd and you
see all those those little post maniacs
all the kids and the rider guy merch
hearing people chant your name cheering
for you by not performing not only am I
let myself down then a promotion down
but I can’t help but feel I’m letting
you guys down to four now the postman to
progress the story is over I’d like to
think there’s a few blank pages left in
that book I mean there’s room for one
final chapter who knows so my main aim
is for full physical fitness also mental
fitness because for the first time in a
long time I actually felt down defeated
and unhappy not being able to do the
things I enjoy as definitely per bit of
a negative spin on things and for
someone who believes in the power of
positivity that ain’t good Wayne one
year ago wasn’t to become a professional
wrestler it kind of happened by accident
I aim to turn up trained get a little
feel for what it’s like in that ring as
a fan documented for my youtube channel
my aim one year ago was to be a
as I stand here with a mere two thousand
seven hundred and seven subscribers I
can’t help but think this is my next
challenge as a nurse in my back injury
as I’m stepping away from the ring if a
postman can become a pro wrestler surely
the postman can become a full-time
youtuber next challenge it’s on you said
it for the record on camera Ryback and
make it happen so I’ll still recover
from my back injury get back in shape
consistently post on my youtube channel
I also have some bold moves to make this
year so stay tuned what those are so I’d
just like to thank everyone who came to
shows it watches my videos who follows
me on instagram who shows any kind of
support for the past years you’ve really
made this year incredible and this might
be one door shirt or one chapter closed
another chapter is openings if you want
to find out what our chapter involves
smashes subscribe button like the videos
we’ve got some awesome videos coming
your way great content I’m looking
forward to sharing it with you I love a
new challenge so I’m dry the guy let’s
do this

6 thoughts on “Postman To Pro Wrestler – THE END | The Truth About Training For PRO WRESTLING”

  1. Great vid content. You lived a dream you may be back in the ting or some other involvement in wrestling I hope, but whatever comes next am sure it will be a great success. Keep positive and keep posting 💪🏻🥇

  2. great video mate hope you get better soon and I will be by your side for the whole of the next chapter I will definitely miss seeing you wrestle. #1 fan reuben

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