31 thoughts on “Police: Bully Kills Arlington Teen After He Broke Up Fight”

  1. I'm like, In utter disbelief. Send the 15 Year-Old Bully into Death Row, immediately, to the Huntsville Death House, and execute this demon by: Firing Squad, Rocketeer Squad, Hanging, Electricity, Drug Injection, Gas Chamber, and Guillotine, all at once, and at the same time, regaldless of verdict, and regardless of whether being charged as a juvie, adult, domestic terrorist, foreign terrorist, or the like.

  2. Instead of looking for gun…..
    Look for more bullies to prosecute immediately before disaster hit the community.
    One way to make it better not looking for gun purchase or what not.
    Haven't learned what Chicago came about.
    They looking for how the gun got in to teens…
    Many answers
    Transportation train cargos to trafficking…all.but didn't stop the killing.

    Make tough laws.
    Serve when you get a call from bullies.
    Don't be an FBI/CIA/GOV
    You an officer.serve your community.
    Don't try to do hard work that leads to no place of peace in our community.

  3. When you see someone doing wrong, don't stand and watch, well it isn't of any concern of mine, I don't want to get involved. Think about it like this, the next damned time it could be you, a friend, a family member, or a neighbor who the next bully threatens, and then what, will you still walk or run away?????

  4. Of course, this was a black shooter. And of course the media refuses to mention it.

  5. Lock up the parents. Guns are going no where, even if they are deemed illegal. You start locking up parents and you'll start seeing parent that care again. If you wanna have a kid, you'd better be ready to raise it correctly or you'll be going to prison for it's actions. Gimmie the next problem to solve~

  6. This is what happens when we have a twisted version of the second amendment. The second amendment was written in 1791 a time when the military of the newly formed Union was approximately 5,200 enlisted. This was an insufficient force to provide for the defense of the Union. The 2nd amendment was created as a means of securing the state's by allowing them to have well a regulated militia. Today there is no need for the 2nd amendment. The federal military is more than capable to provide for the security and defense of the United States. We have allowed a right wing supreme court to twist the amendment into an individual right to self defense. Read the amendment and try to see where it says anything about the right to self defense. The only defense it refers to is the security of a free State. We need to repeal and replace the amendment with a modern reasonable one with strong gun control.

  7. The authorities want to investigate where this minor got a gun. Trying to blame an inanimate object is not the answer. What should be investigated is why this person had a mindset to do the things he was doing and how it led up to murder. We have a major problem in this country that hides behind political correctness and won’t be addressed.

  8. Oh you didn’t mention their race? Well then the suspect probably wasn’t white. Remember, race has nothing to do with it unless it’s a white man committing the crime.

  9. They better not try that little thug as a juvenile. Lock his ass up for at least 25 years. Anything less will be wrong

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