Pete Dunne vs. Arturo Ruas: WWE NXT, Sept. 18, 2019

Off the hair come on lets go, one. Off the hair!>>Dunne now attacking the toes,
dragon screw leg whip by Pete Dunne. Attempting to tear the tendons
of Arturo Ruas’ knee. [APPLAUSE]
>>A hard-hitting affair here at the NXT Arena.>>Those strikes landing full force.>>Live on the WWE Network, the agility,
the athleticism of Pete Dunne, step up enziguri by the bruiserweight,
German suplex with a release.>>Dunne lives and breathes wrestling,
he believes that everything he does constitutes a portion-
>>Cover, he’s out, he’s out!>>Cover here by Pete Dunne!>>Ruas kicks out!>>Yay!
>>And Pete Dunne just cracked Arturo Ruas with another vicious kick.>>Dunne’s not done it,
x-plex into the cover. Shoulders are down. Pete Dunne with a two count. Arturo Ruas staying alive.>>Ruas is stunned, but
look at Ruas’s eyes. Not sure where he is.>>Come on, Pete.>>And Ruas with more kicks than a baby
in a womb as Pete Dunne tries to, well kick his own way out of harm’s way. What a leaping attack by Arturo Ruas. [SOUND]
>>And again, maybe the cartwheel one too
many as he eats up a step up enzugiri.>>Looks to be a little woozy here! [SOUND]
>>Drops in, trying for a triangle, doesn’t have it completely, that’s close! Dunne’s gotta be careful his
shoulders aren’t down or there will be a pinfall attempt.>>[SOUND]
>>Now going for the->>And top.>>Triangle from the top!>>Mounted triangle!>>We’ve seen this!>>No!>>Like a pair of pliers,
like a pair of pliers!>>My God.>>Back to [SOUND] and
there is the tap, Dunne prevails.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Here is your winner by submission, Pete Dunne.>>A valiant effort by Arturo Ruas. But in the end the Bruiserweight with
another impressive submission win. He is vicious as it gets when it
comes to joint manipulation, Nigel. [MUSIC]

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