Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. Ever-Rise: WWE NXT, Sept. 25, 2019

Simple arm bar from the back. You see Lorcan there desperately looking
over to his partner trying to make a tag.>>The NXT Universe is solidly
behind Lorcan and Burch.>>Arm render by Parker. Tag was made, Martel is the legal man. Lorcan ran right into Martel’s boot.>>Lorcan’s be careful. He’s had his orbital
bone broken [CROSSTALK]>>Easy for you to say, Mister McGuiness.>>Easier for me to say than for
Lorcan to feel, I’m sure.>>Aah!>>Lorcan-
>>Pendulum back breaker. Another Canadian WWE
Hall-of-Famer Brett Hart. And Martel gets a two-count.>>Lorcan comes from fighting stock. You know the phrase the apple
doesn’t fall too far from the tree. There was one time his
father came home with his nose bitten off after a street fight.>>Double team here by Ever Rise. Looking to rise in the tag
team division ranks. A win here would do just that. No.>>Come on.>>Hold on.>>Malfunction at the junction.>>Here comes the Governor.>>And down goes Parker and Martel.>>That educated right hand.>>Burch cleaning house.>>European uppercut jack
in the jaw of Chase Parker.>>Danny boy, the pipes,
they are a-calling!>>Burch-
>>Nice flurry of offense.>>Corner mount by Danny Burch. Missile dropkick. And the kick-up.>>Here we go. Danny Burch is feeling it.>>Could we see it?>>Yeah.>>What the hell was that?>>Lorcan and Burch are amped.>>He just lit up Oney Lorcan.>>But Burch [INAUDIBLE]
>>Combination! The tandem offense.>>One, two, three. [SOUND]
>>And Lorcan and Burch pick up the Duke.>>Here are your winners,
the team of Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan.>>An assisted DDT picking up the one
two three for the Bread and Brussers.

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