Olympic Champion Vorobeva’s New Title: Mother!

Olympic Champion Vorobeva’s New Title: Mother!

His name is Timur, he is almost 2 years old
I can’t wait to go home and see him.
When Timur was born, I realized everything that
came before him didn’t really matter
Neither Wrestling or Olympic Medals
When I step on the mat, I motivate myself
by thinking of him
I wake up thinking of him, I go to bed
thinking of him.
It’s worth it, for sure.
I remember when I first came to the gym
after pregnancy,
I would train for just 10 to 20 minutes
I had caesarean operation
probably because I’m an athlete, I’m not sure
I remember my first training session back
we were practicing some moves
and throws.
When I came back home, I noticed my
arm was completely bruised.
Pregnancy made me tender.
I’m Natalya Vorobeva, I am supposed to
be strong and physically fit.
I had changed a lot,
my body had changed,
my mind had changed.
I was so soft, my coach came to me and said
“Pull yourself together!”
“You are too delicate and fragile”
“You are not at home with Timur, you are
on the mat. Come on!”
It took a long time for my body to
get used to it
 I realized that I wasn’t at home cooking
porridge anymore,
I’m back, wrestling on the mats now, it took
me a while to realize that
Recently the Russian women’s team has
had some great results.
We had a couple of disappointing years.
Now everything is actually working
out for us.
We could always do better,
We have all the opportunities to do so,
we have a strong team,
great coaching staff.
and we work hard to achieve the results.

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