Ohno insists he’s proven himself the best British Wrestler: WWE Exclusive, Sept. 18, 2019

Kassius Ohno, first of all, congrat-
>>Kassius, say it with me, Kassius.>>Kassius.>>There we go.>>Kassius Ohno, first of all, congratulations on defeating Sid Scala-
>>Thank you.>>And making WWE history in winning
the first ever British Rounds Match. But that’s British, and
you come from Dayton, Ohio. So what does that say about you?>>Are you trying to marginalize me? Someone from Dayton, Ohio,
can’t be the best British wrestler? When you saw it, I proved that I am
the best British wrestler in NXT UK, of the authenticity,
the purity of my style. I proved it.>>Some might say that you almost lost.>>Almost lost, almost lost to Sid Scala. You were saved by the bell. Sid Scala who’s been dreaming about
this moment since he was nine years old. When he was nine years old, I was having
rounds matches with Robby Brookside, with Cesaro, with Johnny Saint. Was I saved by the bell? Did I almost lose? You know what almost losing is?>>What’s that?>>Winning.

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