No Weakness Whatsoever! A 10-year-old Natural Athlete

No Weakness Whatsoever! A 10-year-old Natural Athlete

how nowadays elementary schoolers are playing.avi
Action movie in playground
I don’t do normal walking
This is how I play dodgeball
Somersault! Your turn
I am the little Lee Yeon-Gul from Tongyeong
Forward roll
Side roll
a 10-year-old martial arts boy who climbs a wall!
Back Handspring is my strength
Back Handspring?
a.k.a Somersault!
Just like a spring
(W…where are you going)
How many laps can he take?
Consecutive Somersault
25 succeeded!!!
I mean… are you alright?
So we invited talented ppl who does somersault as career!
15-year career gymnast!
Obviously he doesn’t hesitate and just goes!
Couldn’t handle after 11 laps
Direction of gaze, rotation, and sense of balance. All three needed to be taken care of
and for kids, rolling 20 laps is difficult enough
Are you a Dragoon?
Training one strength is important
but I am quite ambitious, I wanna try as many exercises as possible
How many exercises can you do?
Hapkido, kendo, guard martial arts, kickboxing, Dangsoodo, and sambo
A natural-born martial artist!
I can easily knock you down, Producer!
Adult vs. kid
You are an elementary schooler lol
Should we call 911?
Leave me alone for a minute
Martial arts prodigy’s room
=Awards and medals=
For a 10-year-old kid,
What a sweet life…
He wants to be a security guard and believe me, you are on a right track
I never stop!
When he plays Dodgeball with friends
Folds his waist back, just like a dolphin!
Are you trying to avoid bullets? LOL
What are you doing now?
I do Tumbling everyday, so this is much easier for me
He is the future prom king of this school(Oh boy)
He is athletic and handsome
Girls like Junho but he hates girls
Sorry ladies
I got no time for chit chat
(Say good bye)
I got time for practicing ONLY
What is this new technique that he is working on?
“Back hand back flip”
A round off with no hands!
I haven’t tried this before, it’s not easy
You can do it, Junho! Go!
(Lv +1)
How do you feel?
Very nice!
I will put my best effort and become a great security guard!
Do you want to be a security guard that much?
Yes, I dream of it every single day!
Dreaming brings success!
We are rooting for you and your passion!

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