Nia Jax overpowers Sasha Banks: Raw, Dec. 19, 2016

Last night, I literally gave my blood,
sweat, and tears.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I laid it all on the line and left it all in the ring. But to tap out not once but twice,
then almost just break my leg. It broke my heart.>>[SOUND]
>>For the last couple of months,
Charlotte I have gone to war. Me and Charlotte have made history. A Fall Count Anywhere match. The first ever woman’s Hell in
a Cell match, an Iron Man match. Last night at Roadblock: End of the Line, I walked out without my
Woman’s Championship.>>[SOUND]>>[LAUGH] And as much as it hurts me, it legit kills me to say,
the better woman won.>>[SOUND]
>>Charlotte, as Champion, I learned how to win,
and lose, with respect. So Charlotte,
I’m asking you to come out here so I can look you straight in your eyes,
>>[NOISE]>>And congratulate you.>>[NOISE]
>>I don’t know why Charlotte isn’t here. I don’t care. You call yourself the boss all you want,
and you can be a boss to all
these sheep out here.>>[NOISE]
>>You’ll never be the boss to me. You’re weak. You’re wounded. And above all else,
you’re just a little girl.>>[SOUND]>>God.>>[SOUND]
>>I respect [INAUDIBLE] to make a statement,
but that was just uncalled for.>>[SOUND]
>>Come on, now.>>Sasha’s defenseless!>>[SOUND]
>>I’m the boss, Sasha!>>My goodness.>>Help her!>>[SOUND]
>>What is Nia trying to prove here?>>[SOUND]
>>No no no no no no. Ple-
>>[NOISE]>>Pathetic display.>>[SOUND]
>>Yeah, really easy to kick
someone when they’re down.>>[SOUND]

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