New Pharma Funded Company NewsGuard Claims To Fight Against Fake News

New Pharma Funded Company NewsGuard Claims To Fight Against Fake News

A new company called NewsGuard says that they
can protect you from fake news, but the corporations
funding that group have real different motives.
This is an amazing story.
Lay it out for us.
I mean, this is such an extraordinary story.
I go, really?
This is happening in 2020.
Go ahead.
Well you actually, it starts with a very well
respected guy, Steve Brill, started court
Was a, was a great lawyer.
Ah, I wouldn’t go that far, but anyway.
Decides he wants to help fight fake news,
you know, very noble cause.
And so he says, well, in order to fight fake
news and create NewsGuard, I’m going to need
some money.
So he goes to this group called Publicis Groupe,
and it turns out that Publicis Groupe is funded
in part, a lot of their money, billions of
dollars is coming from healthcare companies,
from pharmaceutical companies.
The very companies that control the corporate
media have now paid in a couple million dollars
to help Mr Brill found this NewsGuard app
plugin, I guess for your, for your browser,
that’s now going to tell you when you go to
a website, oh, NewsGuard says this is fake.
Or NewsGuard says this is a green light, we
approve of what’s on this site.
Let me comment two things about what you just
Brill has always been a corporate lawyer.
He’s never done anything for consumers.
I mean, really he, whatever he wants to sell,
the guy is center of corporate America.
These are the people that Mr Brill and this
company went to, to try to get funding for
Follow me.
Eli Lilly, Abbott, Roche, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline,
I mean, it’s, it’s a lineup of the worst offenders
of defective pharmaceuticals in the country.
Now, what is going to happen is when we do
a story like this, if you were to go to NewsGuard,
right, NewsGuard would tell you don’t go to
that site because they’re telling stories
that are fake news.
This is not fake news.
This is absolutely, fortunately, you had a
great writer that, that handle, that’s handling
this, this story who’s done all the investigation.
And he says, look, if you believe this, if
you believe the ratings that NewsGuard gives,
then you’re kidding yourselves into under,
you’re kidding yourselves about the truth
of the matter.
Well, well NewsGuard has already rated RT,
they say RT is fake news.
They say Daily Kos is fake news, according
to NewsGuard.
Breitbart, Daily Caller.
So it’s, it’s left, It’s right.
It’s everything that doesn’t fit into NewsGuard’s
Which is pro corporation.
Right, of what news is.
If it’s not New York Times or Washington Post,
it’s not real.
But right now, investigative journalism is
not taking place at these traditional media
It’s taking place with these independent outlets
that NewsGuard says, sorry, you’re fake.
If it’s not corporate, if it’s not pro pharmaceutical,
if it’s not pro, pro chemical, if it’s not
pro Wall Street, then it’s fake news.
Now what about the idiot who says, yeah, I’m
going to use this?
What about the idiot who says, I’m gonna use
Snopes is the same thing.
You’ve got some cat with a clear agenda that’s
saying, don’t go to this site because they’re
not telling the truth.
No, it’s don’t go to this site because they’re
saying things that are scaring the bejesus
out of us because the corporate backing on
this is deplorable.
So if you want to believe Pfizer or you want
to believe an independent source, they’re
saying, oh, you can believe Pfizer, Dow Chemical,
DuPont, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas.
You can believe them, don’t, but don’t believe
that site.
Well, see with, with Snopes.
I disagree with this author’s assessment of
I, I think that that’s, that’s inaccurate
what he said about them.
But with the NewsGuard, this is absolutely,
the funding has been traced.
You see it in the documents.
This group got money from a group that gets
their money from these healthcare industries.
Yeah, which hasn’t been proven by Snopes.
But who wants a organization like Snopes making
that decision for you, right?

25 thoughts on “New Pharma Funded Company NewsGuard Claims To Fight Against Fake News”

  1. Big Pharma is the biggest funder of the MSM, bigger than war and oil. The only way we can get truth about medical issues is via independent news, what they call fake news. But the real fake news is the pro-big-pharma news.

  2. There is no fake news. We all get news and we all get BS… It is the weak minded who, in this age of information, don't have the mental capacity to research and inform themselves to truth and fact. They are ignorant by choice and cry, "fake news," exposing their inability to learn.

  3. Just like my old job's newsletter. It was nothing more than a thinly veiled propaganda. With statements on how Bush was a great president & that there is no recession.

  4. If they were really against fake news then they will have to admit that not only do their toxic chemicals not work but are the number one cause of unnatural death in the US; they will have to tell the truth about vaccinations and how they are totally ineffective.

  5. SNOPES lies a lot and has been caught. Also OpEdNews has a long list of about 40 to 50 subjects that are not allowed published as they infringe on big business.

  6. Well.. we all asked for it right? When we claim anti-vaccers, homeopathic plant medicinal treatments, baby powder causing cancer, both sides of climate change science, and a host of conspiracy theories that turn out to be true, are fake news.. That gives an inch for big pharma, news media, and other industries to create such shit to stifle free exchange.

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  8. The lack of awareness of this guy. I already don't like him for his anti-vaping propaganda but now he is saying, to all of us, to not goto a website like snopes because they have an agenda… like, your literally doing the same thing that snopes does, except your doing it because you need to discredit other websites to try and get the dummies to believe you. Your doing what your complaining about other people doing. Fucking hypocrite.

  9. I'm going to go out on a limb and say 99.9% of the pharmaceutical ads on television are for products that are totally unnecessary

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