Natalya feels home with SmackDown on FOX: SmackDown Exclusive, Oct. 4, 2019

How are you?>>Good to see you.
>>It’s so good to see you.>>You always turn up in
the cutest little outfits.>>Thanks.>>And I love the pink.>>Thank you.
>>So cute>>I love your outfit>>Thank you.>>It’s so cool. Tell me about tonight, Nattie. You’ve been here for a long time.>>Yeah, I’ve grown up around
WWE my entire life, so.>>What does being on Fox,
knowing the gravity of Fox Sports. What does this mean to you?>>I think Fox is a huge win for
WWE and also it’s just such a good fit. When I’m around the Fox environment,
you know, it just feels like WWE is home. And I think that SmackDown is getting this
incredible influx of energy that it’s needed for so long. And it’s exciting,
you could feel the energy backstage. All the talent,
all the WWE superstars are excited. But our fans are excited.>>Yeah, I know, I can hear them. What match are you most
looking forward to tonight?>>The girls, I always will advocate for
women’s wrestling for the women’s superstars in WWE. And some of the best matches I
had in my career had been against Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. And I’ve yet to really dig and
deep with Bayley, but I absolutely love competing
against Sasha Banks. And so tonight to watch them compete in
tag team action, I’m most excited for the girls.>>Yeah, I love that. When you think of 20 years on SmackDown,
what is your favorite moment? Because you were a fan at some point,
right? You weren’t just in.>>I think I’ve always been a fan. I’ve grown up around this,
WWE is family to me. My family has grown up around WWE,
but I’m also a fan.>>Yeah.
>>And I think in order to do this and to be good
at it in the ring, you have to be a fan. And I think one of my
favorite SmackDown moments.>>Here it comes.>>This is big, drum roll, is when Eddie
Guerrero faced Edge in a ladder match, and I can’t remember I
think it was 2002 or 2001>>And we were like, no Eddie, he was jumping off the top
>>It was one of my favorite ladder matches ever, but Eddie Guerrero,
Edge, two of the greatest of all time.>>Yep.
>>SmackDown, they really helped put
SmackDown on the map>>Yep.>>So Edge is one of my favorites. Eddie Guerrero was one of
the greatest of all time. It doesn’t get any bigger or
better than that. And of course, that was on SmackDown.>>So many good moments. I’m like reminiscing on all of them
the last couple of days, it’s so cool.>>And I’ve even had some
great moments on SmackDown. I mean, I made my debut in
WWE on SmackDown in 2008.>>Is it really?>>Yeah.>>It’s so cool.>>In April 2008,
I made my WWE debut on SmackDown. So for me,
it’s where I first became a WWE superstar.>>And I watched divas the other night.>>So much drama.>>You’re so
good at kind of navigating the drama. Putting people in their place
in the nicest way possible.>>But I mean because
usually I’m I do that daily.>>Yeah.
>>So I’ve got a lot of practice at that. [LAUGH]
>>Thats why Nattie it should be like your tattoo
>>I constantly am [BLEEP], I fix [BLEEP], that’s great I gotta trademark that
>>Yeah.>>But I love the girls so much, but I also know like every single day we
are gonna have to troubleshoot something. So it’s about okay, this is how you
talk to Nia, this is how you talked to Carmella, Sonya is having a meltdown,
Nattie is having a meltdown. How do I problem solve before we go out
there in front of 50,000 people live?>>Yeah.
>>So, it’s all about pressure cooking and learning how to make
diamonds under pressure. [LAUGH]
>>Yeah, I think it was like Rhonda had a great
line about what our mom taught her and Judo like she’s like,
I eat pressure for breakfast. And that was such an inspiring line for
me when I watched that. I was like, I wanna start eating
pressure for breakfast, I like that.>>I remember when Rhonda said it, because we learn how to do
our best under pressure. So I think that Rhonda
also is a great fit for Total Divas in the sense
that she likes pressure.>>Yeah.>>And that’s what we do daily and
we thrive on it, so.>>I love it.>>But Maria, thank you so much.>>I love you.>>I love you.>>You’re the greatest.>>So cute, I love you.

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