Nakanishi counts down to retirement #njnbg

Nakanishi counts down to retirement #njnbg

Hey, Henare…
Do you remember that we had a singles match at
last year’s Sapporo show. You beat me then, also.
One year later, I still haven’t beaten you.
Tomorrow, I will get my first.
I’m sorry. They took out my legs.
You okay?
Yeah, I’m fine.
I wish I could have destroyed Makabe, too.
You are totally wrong if you think
you can defeat Nakanishi that way.
We will have another final match
here in Sapporo tomorrow.
We’ll look to finish it off.
Although we didn’t have a chance,
let’s do it tomorrow.
Thank you.
彼はIWGPを巻いたこともあり オリンピックにも
出場した だけど俺だってファイターだ
明日のシングルも これからの俺たちの
Let me say this, although this was the second
match of the show, we had a brutal fight.
This is New Japan.
Nothing less will do.
How many more matches do you have left?
I’m speaking right to you.
Mr. Nakanishi…
Actually, just Nakanishi…
Are you going to end like this? Really?
It’s fine with me, if that’s
what you want, but if not…
Me, Kokeshi and Henare…
We will face you in a straight fight.
That’s all.
There are fewer and fewer matches
left with Mr. Nakanishi.
But every single time,
it’s precious to me to try to toss him.
However, I couldn’t do it tonight, once again.
Today, I wanted to eat a big Monster
Breakfast so I could compete with him.
I wanted to, but…
Last night, I had sheep,
and my stomach felt heavy this morning.
So, I couldn’t eat that much.
But tomorrow and…
I’ve got a few matches left with Mr. Nakanishi.
And tomorrow I will bodyslam him.
You better be ready for it.

7 thoughts on “Nakanishi counts down to retirement #njnbg”

  1. 中西さんに対抗しようとしたらジンギスカンの胃もたれで朝飯が入らない本間さんかわいいかよ

  2. Sigh Nakanishi is counting down the days of his career as a professional wrestler coming to an end. I hope Yota Tsuji beats Henare.

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