Mustafa Ali vs Roman Raigns wwe restling

And now he’s got Lee’s tied up unique submission hold
Calf pushing right into the face of Tony nice now into a pinning situation and a kick-out Oh
Tony nice on that knee right to the midsection
I needed the midsection that completely slows the face down. Not that nice can’t go at a high rate of speed the slower pace
definitely favors the premier athlete well
With a beautiful dropkick
Listen if Tony needs some dragula car a preview perhaps of what could happen on 205 live in the future
Oh, no if I want to see that kind of a close
by myself
Nice now in a torture rack I’ll ease in a lot of trouble right hand
Tony nice may snap me snap who stop Ali spining – right here
He’s happy to take his time and band and manipulate the body on the stop volley
Ali able to break free hair on a couple of forearm shops here. Oh it takes out the feet
Nice movements so quick there, Sonny
The top rope somewhere Mustafa is incredibly comfortable
Wow Tony nice what power freakish strength from nice
Stop volley able to convert
Almost ah Polly trying to build back up here in this match Tony nice first man to his feet
Take it down and we’ll stop loudly start the fire back
So what I’ll introduce I got the pace decrease the speed right on the jaw, beautiful
Corner there goes with stop volley Tony knees with an opening. Oh
Right on the job nice everything’s coming up alley right now
He’s looking for a bit of a respite but he’s not gonna get it from Muhammad
Ali almost took himself out with that maneuver, but nice took the worst of it you could call him reckless
it’s certainly entertaining who stopped fondly in full control here on 2:05 live up to the
Powers out a little too much fight a little too much gumption left in the premier athlete
Pumphandle looking for the slam there. Ali saw it coming
These sent across the ring
The premier athlete is in a bad bad
Territory right now Moustafa lolly make its thing. Sure things are just perfect goes up to the top rope here
Here is your winner who stopped
Pick us a victory do it in spectacular fashion
Drew cool that doesn’t have to agree with it. But tonight it big time when you stopped my hour

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