Muay Thai w Chiang Mai / Thai boxing in Chiang Mai

Muay Thai w Chiang Mai / Thai boxing in Chiang Mai

coming to Thailand, I wanted to learn something new
I went with an open mind to Muay Thai training, looking for inspiration
in local clubs foreign players are often trained at all levels
even competitions are organized with their participation
training prices are not low, one training costs 600, 3000 week, 8000 bath month
Of course, prices differ from the club’s prestige
curiosity, the famous Parinya Kiatbusaba trained at Lanna club. more information in the description
visiting one of the clubs, I learned about muay thai, I had to go there
before I had a big meal, pad thai, to get strength
price for a dish is about 60 bath
I’m going for 30 bath, I get there after 15 minutes. The scenery of the hall reminds me of the kick boxer movie
in which the film brother Van Damm is defeated by the local muay thai star Tong Po

looking for a new star, I’m going to the locker room to record players preparing for the competition
the smell of the ointment stings the eyes but it’s normal

I don’t regret the money spent on competitions, the atmosphere of the fights was great
the level of fights varied
in some fights competitors could give more

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