Muay Thai Tips upcoming technique series 2020!

Muay Thai Tips upcoming technique series 2020!

Sawasdee Khap! I’m JCC, the content manager at Muay Thai Tips
and I’d like to share some great news
with you! thanks to Zebra Athletics, SatraWoot and
Our other sponsors we are now able to
produce our very own technique and
breakdown videos from our headquarters
and gym in Toronto, Canada
we aim to produce fresh YouTube
videos every week so don’t forget to subscribe
Now due to this new expansion
we needed someone who would bring the
experience as a fighter and a coach to the team.
We welcome Raul who will be our technical
advisor and video editor.
Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to subscribe
to our YouTube channel to join us on
this Muay Thai journey
Do let us know in the comments if you have any requests

4 thoughts on “Muay Thai Tips upcoming technique series 2020!”

  1. Woooh! Looking forward to learning some MT knowledge. I ❤ all the Instagram 🎓 yall drop. Cant wait!

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