MEDISAFE – Fight against falsified medicines in Eastern and Central Africa

The objective of MEDISAFE is to improve
health outcomes for the population
by supporting the fight against the production
and trafficking of falsified medicines
in 11 countries in Africa.
Falsified medicines are medical products
whose identity, composition
or sources are misrepresented.
They pose a significant risk to public health
and their trafficking threatens safety
around the world.
The MEDISAFE project is part
of the CBRN CoE Initiative.
It is financed by the European Union
for the benefit of the partner countries
that have volunteered to tackle the issue.
Expertise France and its 7 European partners
form a consortium
that implements the project
in partnership with national authorities
and manages cooperation
between networks
of international and local experts.
The consortium has adopted
a regional and holistic approach
in line with the UNODC action plan
and based on capacity building
in the 3 WHO-recommended strategies:
prevention, detection and response.
Institutional capacity building
and awareness-raising support
within the civil society
are at the core of the MEDISAFE project
to ensure sustainable access
to safe medicines for the population.

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