Matt Hardy’s championship victories: WWE Milestones

And Bradshaw, and. There’s a [INAUDIBLE] NDT. Could that be all? The leg is hooked, yes!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>We’ve got new Tag Champions.>>What?
>>The Hardys have upset The Acolytes.>>These are your new WWE-
>>I can’t believe it!>>Tag Team Champions.>>The Hardys are the new
Tag Team Champions.>>The Hardy Boyz!>>What a shocker. [MUSIC]>>The Hardys, if they drop down,
we’ve got new champions.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The Hardys are coming down, and the Hardys have done it. The Hardys have done it!>>The winners of this and new World Wrestling Federation Tag
Team Champions, the Hardy Boys!>>The Hardy Boys with payback for
embarrassment and humiliation, JR. From rural North Carolina, Matt and Jeff Hardy have once again have climbed
the top of the WWF Tag Team mountain. The Hardy Boyz have done it,
Jeff and Matt Hardy have done it. They’re the Tag Team Champions.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Doing? Unless there’s something afloat
here that shouldn’t be floating. Defending their title. Hey, wait a minute.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Power slide.>>See, that move was a beautiful pin.>>Yeah, they’re pinned.>>Wait a minute! That was a Twist of Fate, wasn’t it?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>It’s the Hardy stop, look at this.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Hey, what’s the deal here? You’re right, it is the Hardy stop.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Your winners and still the World Wrestling
Federation Tag Team Champions,>>Well, Lita I reckon. Well this certainly didn’t turn
out the way Anton had planned.>>Wait a minute. [MUSIC]
Hey wait, it’s the Hardys.>>What?>>Matt and Jeff Hardy now.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>D-Von Dudley.>>Wow, It’s Christian. Christian without Edge,
with a shot,with a steel. Christian got Bubba last
week,and now D-Von. And Bubba taking after
Christian on the outside. Wait a minute, we’re holding. The Twist of Fate on D-Von Dudley,
they’re both legal, both are free! [SOUND] The Hardys have done it. The Hardys are the Tag Team Champions.
>>Here are your winners and the new World Wrestling Federation
Tag Team Champions, The Hardy Boyz.>>Christian with a steel chair,
took out D-Von, and that led to the Hardys
becoming the Tag Team Champions.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Goes over the top. And there’s Lita,
celebrating with Matt Hardy. [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Into the ring, and Eddie Guerrero’s up,
what the hell are you doing?>>I don’t think anyone
in this put you down.>>And now Matt Hardy from
behind Eddie with the elbows. Check out Lita. To Eddie Guerrero. Lita he is in trouble>>Matt Hardy from the back twist of fate it could be over [CROSSTALK]
United States champion.>>Matt Hardy wins the European title.>>Here is our winner and the new World Wrestling Federation
European champion, Matt Hardy.>>I can’t believe it, Cole. Look at Matt, he’s got the title,
he’s got the girl, and now at the end everybody’s
happy in Hardy field.>>[INAUDIBLE] [NOISE]>>It’s the Undertaker. The Undertaker, Booker T. No.>>Where the hell is the refreree.>>Grand. The referee on the outside. My God. Jeff Hardy halfway across the ring. Referee didn’t see it,
but here he comes now.>>One, two, three.>>And the Hardys have done it. The Hardys have done it.>>Here are your winners and the new
WCW Tag Team Champions, The Hardy Boyz!>>The Undertaker with a huge assist.>>How can you [INAUDIBLE]? Lita interference,
The Undertaker interference. And you know [INAUDIBLE]
>>What a happy night for the Hardys.>>A big knockout put by
Booker T was done and would have been done
if it hadn’t been for. And now Booker T crawling,
but everybody’s gone.>>There’s an elbow, hello, hello!>>The referee looking out, but
there’s Lita, Lita’s on top, Lita taking out Booker T. There’s a roll up,
the roll up, the roll up.>>And the new World Wrestling Federation
Tag Team Champions, the Hardy Boyz!>>Two title match, two title changes,
two victories for the WWF. We’re seeing history in
the making here tonight. The WWF, Mr. Heyman, getting on a roll.>>When does it stop?>>Enough is enough,
first Kane rigs off Kurt Angle and helps Zack win the US title, then Lita. Lita of all people,
rigs off Booker T, and Test?>>Billy Kidman looks like he’s
completely on that top turnbuckle.>>What the hell?>>Matt Hardy top rope,
Kidman battle it back, look out.>>Looking to knock Matt Hardy
off the second rope. Matt Hardy is out on his feet and
he’s still fighting.>>Kidman with a shot to the ribs,
look at Shannon Moore. Grabbing the back of
the leg of Billy Kidman.>>Little bit like Batman there,
Shanon Moore.>>Matt Hardy perhaps playing possum. What the hell is this?>>I don’t know.
>>Look at this, [NOISE] twist of fate.>>From the top rope!>>My God.>>The leg,
we have a new cruiserweight champion. [MUSIC] Here’s your winner and the new
Cruiserweight Champion, Matt Hardy.>>He did it, Cole, he did it. Teamed up with providing just
enough distraction to allow Matt Hardy to take advantage. Matt Hardy has Has won
the cruiserweight championship.>>Matt Hardy did, but
that little for match. Training Matt Hardy, unbelievable. I’m so proud of Matt Hardy. He made the weight and
now he’s the new cruiserweight champ. [MUSIC]>>Look out here.>>Murdoch, Murdoch,
Murdoch is eliminated. The Hardys are the new Tag Team Champions.>>Look at Murdoch hanging
on like a spider monkey.>>And how amazing will that be for
the Hardys if it were to happen? I was gonna say, I still can believe we
saw Shawn Michaels eliminated partner John Cena, cost him the tag team titles. [NOISE] Watch it, watch it!>>Murdoch-
>>Kane very close to being eliminated.>>Murdoch one step away from being
eliminated on that ring apron. Or Kane, I should say. And now Murdoch
>>Uh-oh.>>Whoa, whoa, whoa. Matt still, man, nice move.>>Nice agility by Murdoch
landing on the ring apron.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Hey!>>Is it over?
>>Yes, it’s over!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Look at this!>>The ropes.>>Wait, he went over. [SOUND]
>>Wait a minute, my God that’s over. [MUSIC]>>Here are your winners,
>>And the new world Taichi champion, The Hardys.>>I can’t believe what we have just seen. John Cena, Sean Michael no longer the
champs, and the new champs are The Hardys.>>What a 24 hour period for And
Jeff Hardy, the brothers from Cameron, North Carolina,
have won the World Tag Team titles. [MUSIC]>>Literally trying to crawl,
trying to pull himself to his corner, to his partner for the night,
MVP cannot get there. An arm length away, there goes Domino.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Hardy deserved that. Hey, Referee Charles top of the tank.>>No.
>>The Twist of Fate, the Twist of Fate, NDT.>>Here’s the comer. It’s.
>>[NOISE] And the champions.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>My God.>>Here are your winners and the new WWE Tag Team Champions, Matt Hardy and MVP.>>For nothing, but MVP celebrating
>>Like he did all of the work, Matt Hardy’s the one who survived.>>MVP did what he said
he was going to do. He said he could win
the Tag Team Championship with Teddy Long’s Grandmother, or
the next guy that walked in the door. He said he could win it with anybody,
and he did, holy freaking cow.>>But
Matt Hardy did all of the work, John.>>And the bottom line is this ,these
two rivals who literally can’t stand each other are now
Tag Team Champions. Nobody home, does Matt Hardy have anything left? [CROSSTALK]
>>He does, Matt Hardy does the cover one two three. Our new United States Champion,
Matt Hardy, has done it.>>Lord of the and new WWE United States champion,
Matt Hardy.>>His first major single
victory in Matt Hardy’s career. The tears flowing from
the new champion’s eyes.>>You said it, Michael Cole. This was the biggest single match of
Matt Hardy’s illustrious career and he came through big time. Look at the look of shock of
disbelief on the face of MBP. What a way of kick off Backslash. [APPLAUSE]
>>Great strategy by Matt Hardy ridding
the ring of all the other athletes.>>20 seconds to go. Holding on to the top of life
>>Trying to cover Matt Hardy, Chavo Guerrero trying
to get something done.>>10 seconds.>>10 seconds Matt Hardy.>>[APPLAUSE]>>And we have a new champion. [MUSIC]>>New ECW Champion Matt Hardy.>>Matt Hardy has won the biggest
championship of his professional career. After coming so close so many times,
Matt Hardy has broken through, winning his first ever ECW champion
>>Karl’s quickly gonna climb the ladder, looking to retain the tag team titles. Matt Hardy on the other side. Now it’s Hardy and Anderson who would thought they’d
ever see this here in wrestle mania. Matt Hardy and Karl Anderson
>>Part of two of the greatest tag teams in the world,
fighting it out on top of a ladder>>No way. [CROSSTALK]
>>My god. From the top of the ladder,
the twist of fate by Matt Hardy.>>What is this maniac doing?>>[LAUGH] I can only imagine.>>There is no way near the titles.>>You gotta be kidding me.>>Take your fear take precautions and
toss it out of the window.>>Jeff Hardy, that ladder’s
gotta be twenty feet in the air.>>He don’t care. Jeff Hardy, the Thrillseeker, Todd, Bob!>>Godspeed good from 20 feet above.>>Well, look, look, look, look, look, no!>>Jeff Hardy at the top of the ladder!>>Could it be?>>Jeff Hardy’s got the gold!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The Hardy Boyz are Champions. You’ve got to be kidding me. The Pardy. Jack Pardy [INAUDIBLE]
>>Here are your winners and the new Raw Tag Team Champions [MUSIC]
>>The Hardy boyz.>>That has to be, one of the greatest
wrestlemania moments, ever.>>That’s gonna be one of the most
shocking wrestlemania moments, ever.>>Gentlemen, I’m not often,
in finding myself in this situation, I’m completely speechless. I could not believe,
what we just witnessed.>>The brother Hardys are back.>>And they’re on top. Are the RAW tag team division. [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]
>>What’s Sheamus looking for?>>I think we know what
Sheamus is looking for here>>His got Bray Wyatt in his sights, and Bray Wyatt has no idea what’s it.>>Oh,man.>>Oh,man stop Sheamus in his track. [APPLAUSE]
>>And now that nutjob on the apron.>>You will never learn, will you?>>Wait for the probe, Sister Abigail.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Whoa!>>Bray.>>Rapidly descending
down the left hand path.>>Tag.>>Let’s go guys.>>Sheamus, look out!>>Hey, hey.>>I think he might be about to be,
deleted!>>An elevated Twist of Fate.>>Cover.>>Could we have new champions?>>One, two, three.>>Hardy and Wyatt win the titles.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Here are your winners and the new RAW tag team champions,
Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy.>>Nine times Matt Hardy
>>Tag team for the first time here tonight with
Bray Wyatt very dangerous team>>Maybe unusual uncanny but one thing cannot be denied,
the expedition of gold is complete. [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Another corner opposite sides of the ring bar much like we saw
Wrestlemania,talking about the double lose>>Man. Jeff Hardy won’t survive this but
Matt Hardy kicked down off the apron.>>Jimmy directing traffic,
Jay back up to his perch. And Jeff Hardy got out
of the way just barely.>>Matt Hardy distraction.>>Tag.
>>Open up the door for Jeff and now here comes Matt.>>Matt Hardy legal.>>Delete, delete.>>Delete, delete, delete.>>Setting up for the
>>Twist of Fate, Owen.>>Push him off, tag made to Jeff Hardy.>>Jeff Hardy, the legal brother.>>Uh-oh, Twist of Fate!>>Here it comes, we’re gonna have
new champions, Swanson Bomb, cover!>>One, two, three!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The Hardy Boyz are the Tag Team Champions once again
>>I can’t believe it.>>Here are your winners. And your new Smackdown Tag Team champions, the Hardy Boyz.

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