Manabu Nakanishi wrestles in Hokkaido for the last time (New Beginning)

Manabu Nakanishi wrestles in Hokkaido for the last time (New Beginning)

I will retire on the 22nd of this month.
That means this was my last match in Hokkaido.
I want to thank you all so much for
supporting me all these years.
He stole the moment at the end. I guess it’s okay.
But I’m not okay with the result.
I’m telling you Uemura,
you showed your spirit tonight.
That was great.
But if you pick a fight…
You’ve gotta win.
I know it’s hard but that’s what counts.
If you start a fight, you have to finish it.
Or else there’s no point.
I told Nakanishi yesterday that I’m looking
forward to seeing what you’ve got.
I couldn’t toss Nakanishi tonight, either.
Next chance is in Korakuen Hall.
I will toss him, for sure. That’s my dream.
You have to always keep dreaming.
I might find a bigger dream later, but while
he’s here, that’s my dream.
To toss Nakanishi, perfectly.
Then I’ll move on.
I think this was the first time facing Tiger
I wanted to show him my growth,
even if it’s just a bit.
But if I can’t get any better than I am now,
I won’t be able to reach SUPER Jr.
And I may never be able to toss Nakanishi.
I’ll keep giving it my all. Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
This is his last Sapporo show, and I got
the opportunity to tag with him tonight.
I appreciate this opportunity before he
retires and I’m happy that we won tonight.
When I first got to New Japan,
after coming over from Michinoku Pro,
I don’t think you remember, but you were in
the office, so I told you, “I just signed here.”
You said, “Don’t be so formal. We’re companions.”
I was really happy to hear that from Nakanishi.
That was when I learned how generous Nakanishi is.
And I saw Nakanishi at the dojo
every single time I got there.
So, I know I had to make every training,
even when I really didn’t want to.
So, every single day I saw what Nakanishi did.
I told myself I have to carry on that spirit.
That’s what I was taught by Nakanishi.
Thank you very much.
Us two have been losing,
but tonight we had Tiger on our team,
So thanks to Tiger, we got our first win
with this team. Thank you.
Truthfully, Nishio was able to make a
big impact on his last Sapporo show.
I’m really happy with this win.
Anyway, his farewell tour will continue after
we get back to Tokyo. I’ll keep supporting him.
Let’s keep going.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Although they support me, I don’t want to rely
on that. I want to show what I have left.
Do any memories from Sapporo or Hokkaido
stand out to you?
A lot has happened here in Sapporo.
And the fact we can bring heat to this
cold area, I think that’s awesome.
The fans are really hot,
like they’re from Okinawa.
Even in this cold weather, in February,
the crowd never lose their enthusiasm.
And that fires us up even more.
That’s why I was able to go all out,
Every time in Sapporo.
I appreciate that from the fans and New Japan.
I guess this tour ends for you tonight.
The rest of the shows will be in Tokyo.
But there’s still Osaka, too.
That’s right.
But tonight is a sort of a finale…
I have some acquaintances in Hokkaido, as well.
As a wrestler, I want to fulfill my
responsibilities until it’s all over.
And that means taking care of
business in the ring.
Has the retirement hit you yet?
It’s like…
I’m sensing that there are a fewer
and fewer matches left for me.
So, I shouldn’t complain about
what I can no longer do.
I have to give my best, in every match.
It doesn’t matter if I’m retiring.
I’m still a pro, for now.
I’ll keep that mind.
Thank you.

26 thoughts on “Manabu Nakanishi wrestles in Hokkaido for the last time (New Beginning)”

  1. 引退するレスラーに対してのコメントはタイガーマスクに任せておけばいいね

  2. I dont know if many are aware that nakanishi was a IWGP hwt champ.Its a shame that Nagata , Nakanishi, and Tenzan has been forgotton in history.Maybe it was because of Dark age or rise of MMA or rise of Tanahashi,anyway Thank you nakanishi for giving ur all despite ur age and injury issues

  3. 首にチェーン巻いてるべらんめぇ口調の金髪強面

  4. ライガーに続きまた好きなプロレスラーが引退する😭





  5. A legitimate tough competitor who was Tanahashi's earliest challenge before the latter's rise to the top of the card. I hope you guys do book Nagata VS Dustin before either one retires.

  6. タイガーむっちゃいいやつ。 エピソードに中西さんも泣きそうになってた。
    引退後は指導者になるんですかねぇ?? できたらライガーさん(山田さん)と一緒に未来の
    チャンピオンを育ててほしいですね。 残す大阪!! ラストはあるアルゼンチンからのヘラクレスで
    決めてほしいです。 頑張って

  7. Seeing Nakanishi counting down to his retirement breaks my soul. He's like a dad figure to the other wrestlers. I'm gonna miss him.

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