Manabu Nakanishi with a Monster Message for Osaka! (New Beginning)

Manabu Nakanishi with a Monster Message for Osaka! (New Beginning)

I want to thank all of you for
supporting me today. Thank you!
I made my debut in Osaka 27 years ago.
My career was filled with many ups and downs,
And through it all the people here
in Osaka helped me along the way.
Thank you so much.
After this I only have 4 matches left.
I’ll give it my all and try to win.
So I ask that you all please continue
to support me, until the end.
There’s more to come after this.
Don’t take your eyes off of us.
また燃えてきた もっと頑張るぞ
Hey, Nakanishi, you punk…
You had to take the spotlight in
your last Osaka show, didn’t you?
That’s okay, you had to go all out.
Or else facing you wouldn’t be fun.
Nakanishi, you had the fireworks
in the end, didn’t you?
Now you can say that ended it perfectly.
That’s what I’m talking about. If that wasn’t
your attitude you wouldn’t have made it here.
You were pretty strong tonight.
You taught me something.
But Nakanishi, the biggest
fight is yet to come.
It’s nice that the four of us are here together.
Although me and Nishio have been tagging,
it’s not the same without Koji and Nagata.
The four of us were able to team today
in front of a packed Osaka-Jo Hall.
That was a great way to end things.
Thank you, Nakanishi.
Thank you.
One thing I can say for sure is that,
If there was no Manabu Nakanishi, I wouldn’t
be here. He means that much to me.
I can say that, confidently.
I just want to thank Nakanishi.
He’s so lively, it’s hard to
believe that he’s retiring.
He was very dependable tonight.
It’s a shame that he’s hanging it up.
Ever since I debuted,
he’s constantly motivated me.
So, I’m not sure what
I’ll do after he’s gone.
But what he showed out there tonight put off
my worrying for the time being. Thank you.
I was able to go all out in Osaka-Jo Hall today.
And I still have 4 matches left in Korakuen Hall.
I will finish as strong as possible.
And these three will be behind me.
So, I can keep fighting, without feeling alone.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
You were quite lively today, weren’t you?
Right, he doesn’t need to retire, really.
Don’t retire.
Let’s keep rampaging.
Let’s keep going, the four of us.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Any questions?
You made your debut in Osaka,
what’s your best memory from here?
Perhaps the match against Brock Lesnar.
He had an attitude, and looked down on me.
So I didn’t give a damn about him.
They treated him well, but I didn’t care.
He was just a punk kid to me.
He got quiet after he ran into me.
But he got me with his ‘Verdict’
when I let my guard down.
If an outsider underestimates us,
that means they underestimate this country.
I wouldn’t stand for that.
I let him know, here in Osaka.
You were also in a tournament here to win
the vacated IWGP Heavyweight title.
That’s right…
Was it against Scott Norton…?
Why couldn’t I hit him as hard as I hit Lesnar?
Besides that, there are a lot of
other great memories here in Osaka.
What kind of matches do you
hope to have as you finish?
I’m okay with facing whoever.
Although I have the most history with
the Third Generation,
Perhaps we should keep tagging?
Or face each other.
But we’ll continue on, as a team.
Even through the times we didn’t see eye to eye,
we all appreciate each other.
If we weren’t worth it to each other,
it wouldn’t have mattered.
So, I want to fight with them if
I could for the rest of my matches.
What do you want the youngsters
to see in those matches?
What I hope to show…
It’s up to them to shape New Japan’s future.
But the one thing they can’t forget
is to always please the fans.
To show the fight that the fans like.
That’s most important.
So, they need to focus on pleasing them.
They pay their hard-earned money to come see us.
That’s what makes us pro-wrestlers.
So, they have to keep that in mind.
And to mix things up,
so it’s always something new.
You have to show the fans who you are
through your fight.
The young ones need to keep doing that.
It always has to be interesting.
And I’ll keep that in mind
for the rest of my matches.
Yes. Thank you.
Thank you.

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  1. So Nakanishi faced Brock Lesnar in the past. I guess it was a rare time for foreigners to wrestle the New Japan natives back then. Until today that is.

  2. ニシオさん、かなり肩~腕が細くなりましたね…。首も動かしにくそうで満身創痍なのが伝わります。でも清々しい笑顔が楽しんでる感が溢れ出てますねぇ。最後まで頑張って下さい!!

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