Luffy vs Kaido. Why it’s the BEST Fight of the Decade.

Luffy vs Kaido. Why it’s the BEST Fight of the Decade.

Luffy versus Kaido was THE best fight of the
decade for one piece (after the timeskip that
Prove me wrong. We’ve had Luffy vs Hody,
Caesar, Fujitora, Doflamingo, Cracker, and
more and they were all just, fine. The Katakuri
fight was good but, god damn, 12 episodes,
hello? It felt like a war of attrition and
I was the one losing.
Looking back,The Marineford battle arc began
in 2010, 2010 let that sink in. If you can
cast your mind back to legacy one piece, coming
off the back of the Skypiea arc, One Piece
had never been more popular, and the momentum
kept building as the series rolled into Water
7, Enies Lobby, Thriller Barc, Sabaody Archipelago,
amazon lilly, the tragic crew separation arc,
impel down and the unforgettable, marineford
war arc. It just got better and better. Every
new season, the stakes were raised, the intensity
soared and us, the fan base, loved it.
And then something happened. One piece had
a 2 year timeskip following the war and momentum
came to a crashing halt. The manga went on
hiatus and the anime took a break in turn.
Oda himself took some well deserved time to
travel to Hawaii with his family. And by time
he came back, Oda would find himself in a
10 year uphill battle to recreate the magic
in the war of the greatest, and pray that
the series hadn’t peaked too soon.I’m
sure you were in the same boat as me thinking,
if the quality of one piece goes the same
way as Naruto did after their time skip, I’d
rather eat my own face than keep watching.
The time skip drops and we begin a new era
of one piece, so how has it been?
Well there’s definitely been an element
of diminishing returns with regards to payoff
as luffy downs the boss at the end of each
of the post time skip arcs. Especially as
we know that Ceaser, doflamingo katakuri and
the rest are only stepping stones in taking
down the actual end-game bosses for this saga,
the yonkos.
So finally getting to the point of the video.
Brass taxes. Episode 915, Kaido Vs Luffy.
Holy cow. 18 minutes of pure unadulterated
dragon vs rubber goodness. And as you may
have gathered from the title of this video,
the best fight we’ve had from Oda in the
last 10 years. Admitedly this was made possible
by slowing down the pace of the previous arc
and restructuring the directing and production
staff for Wano. Apologies to whoever got fired
and was sacrificed to the based animation
Arguments aside, whether you prefer golden
age one piece battle aesthetics or the new
school visualization of armament haki and
dragonball super-esque auras, I’m sure we
can agree. The composition of this battle
sequence is phenomenal. And it spanned the
ENTIRE episode with almost zero dialogue.
Watching Luffy use everything he has learned
up until now, Gears second, third and fourth
in combination with his refined haki, and
still getting one-shotted, was super satisfying.
Just knowing that there is still so much scope
for him to grow and that Kaido is an absolute
This rant is just me saying, the best is yet
to come. As painful as it is to think about,
one piece will be ending in this new decade
and the payoffs are going to be huge, I can’t
Don’t leave yet, nope, don’t you even
think about leaving yet. This was Anime Fried
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time. Cheers.

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